Elena Saldaña Quintans: President


Hello everyone! My name is Elena Saldaña Quintans and I am your Student's Union President for this year. I am originally Spanish but I came to the UK about 6 years ago after secondary school. I graduated from Brookes about a year ago in International Business Management and went on exchange in my second year to Thailand and Australia. I know, I know.. Don’t be jealous, you can study abroad too!!


I was the Vice President for Societies Development for societies last year after being President for the ESN society at Brookes in my final year of uni. I really enjoyed working with students and learned so much about how the Union can help students that I wanted to keep doing it for a second year as Union President.


My role as President is mainly about representing the Union in senior level University meetings to make sure that the student voice is always heard. I also support the rest of Union officers and have some projects to try and improve your student experience.


I am always willing to talk and see in which ways we can improve your experience, so if you wanna have a chat just drop by our office or contact me at su.president@brookes.ac.uk any time! :)





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