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Your full time officers

Matt, Maxwell, Daisy and Harry are your elected officers this year.

They each have a different role in the Union, but they are all here with student interests in mind. Click on their names to see more detail about their roles and what they have been up to, as well as how to contact them.


VP Activities & Employability

Matthew Plowman

Matt is your VP Societies Development, you can contact him at su.societies@brookes.ac.uk


VP Student Voice

Maxwell Stewart

Maxwell is your VP student voice, you can contact him at su.academicexperience@brookes.ac.uk


VP Wellbeing

Daisy Hopkins

Daisy is your VP Wellbeing, you can contact her at su.welfare@brookes.ac.uk


Union President

Harry Bower

Harry is your Union President, you can contact him at su.president@brookes.ac.uk

Your part time officers

Portfolio officers fight discrimination and bring important issues to the attention of the University.

Each officer represents a different group or interest. If you have an idea or issue which relates to a specific officer, get in touch with them! They will either help out or point you in the right direction.


Disabled Students' Officer

Adam Beg

Adam is your Disabled Students’ Officer. You can contact Adam at su.disabilities@brookes.ac.uk


Environmental Officer

Robert Alexander

Robert is your Environmental Officer You can contact him at su.environmental@brookes.ac.uk


Chair of Council

Sean Keeley

Sean is your Chair of Council, you can contact Sean at s.keeley@brookes.ac.uk


International Students' Officer

Julian Philipp

Julian is your International Students' Officer, you can contact Julian at su.international@brookes.ac.uk


LGBTQ+ Students' Officer

Celine Ponio Bagtas

Celine is your LGBTQ+ Students' Officer, you can contact Celine at su.lgbtqofficer@brookes.ac.uk


Post Graduate Students' Officer

Chris Esser

Chris is your Post Graduate Students' Officer, you can contact Chris at su.postgraduate@brookes.ac.uk


RAG President

Niamh Walter

Niamh is your RAG President, you can contact Niamh at su.rag@brookes.ac.uk


Sports Officer

Nicholas Going

Nicholas is your Sports Officer, you can contact Nicholas at su.sportsofficer@brookes.ac.uk


Women's Officer

Sasha Leigh Coutinho

Sasha is your Women's Officer, you can contact Sasha at su.womens@brookes.ac.uk


BAME Students' Officer

Mani Kaur

Mani is your BAME Students' Officer, you can contact Mani at su.bame@brookes.ac.uk


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