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Your full time officers

Niamh, Maxwell, Daisy and Katie are your elected full-time officers this year.

They each have a different role in the Union, but they are all here with student interests in mind. Click on their names to see more detail about their roles and what they have been up to, as well as how to contact them.


Union President

Daisy Hopkins

I’m a fun-loving, ball of energy here to represent you, but this time as your President (if you didn’t know already, last year I was your VP Wellbeing, which is now in the very safe hands of Katie Starns). Away from my presidential duties, I’m quite a busy bee! My spare time is filled with sports, volunteering for St John Ambulance and socialising with friends and family, and not forgetting my pawsome pup Spot (very original name I know!). You also may not know, but I’m a triplet. Yes there’s basically three of me (As you can imagine, it was quite a busy household growing up). I also absolutely love the colour pink, so when I’ve got some time to chill, you’ll find me playing Sims 4 (yes, greatest game ever)  in my very pink flat - no lie, it’s like walking into an explosion of pink! I love a good natter and am always up for a chat, so please do get in touch with me about everything and anything!

Contact me:
Facebook: Daisy Brookes


VP Student Wellbeing

Katie Starns

Hello, I’m Katie. I’m going to start off by apologising for any spelling or grammar errors, I have dyslexia, so bear with me in any virtual chats I might get to have with you in the future. Despite this, I’m always up for a conversation, so please do pop up for a chat!

I’m a big fan of socialising with my friends, especially when it involves going to the pub or out for food. Nine times out of ten, I’ll order pizza off the menu (Yes, pizza is my life). If my friends were to describe me, they’d probably say I’m the one who always wants to make sure everyone is happy and having a good time! It’s a trait I definitely will be utilising in my role here! Something else about me… I absolutely love playing lacrosse, although Niamh (VP Activities & Employability) often tells me that it is not a personality trait, but I beg to differ.

If there’s anything you want to chat about, or if you think I can help you, then I’m all ears! 

Contact me:
Facebook: Katie Brookes


VP Student Voice

Maxwell Stewart

I’m Max or Maxwell (whichever you prefer) and I’m here for another year as your VP Student Voice (Thanks a bunch for having me back).

When I was a student, you could probably have described me as that one guy who sat at the front of the lecture hall and asked all the questions, you know… ‘that guy’. But now, thanks to the Union and all your votes, I get to take all my ‘that guy’ energy and focus it into a whole lot of University meetings!

I would like to tell you that I spend my spare time doing all things wild and wacky like extreme mountain climbing or trading stocks…. But if I’m honest, at least for me, very little beats simply procrastinating with friends! Always up for a chat, so pop me over a message. *Anyone brave enough to have an extended text conversation with me, please do bear with my rampantly dyslexic self!

Contact me: 
Facebook: Maxwell Brookes


VP Activities and Employability

Niamh Walter

Hi I’m Niamh, pronounced Neve, but I respond to all varying attempts of pronunciation! (Trust me, I get quite a few). I did my degree in Events Management; otherwise known as party planning (So when it comes to organising a shindig, I’m your person!) I’m definitely an outdoorsy person and spend a lot of my time out and about (just call me Bear Grylls). Although everything is that little bit better when the sun is shining right?

During lockdown, my favourite hobby had to be paddle boarding, I managed to spend more time out of the water than in - success. If you haven’t already, I’d 100% recommend giving it a go! Now an extra important bit of info… I’m a big fan of snacks and cake. It’s a way to a person's heart, wouldn’t you agree? Always up for a chat, so don’t be afraid to say hello or contact me! 

Contact me:
Facebook: Niamh Brookes

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