Brookes Union Policy

Brookes Union is a student-led organisation which means that you, as students, get to set our policy and tell us what you want us to work on. There’s lots of ways you can influence Brookes Union:

General Meetings

To get a policy passed at a General Meeting you just need to submit a ‘motion’ and ask the General Meeting of students to vote on it.


A referendum is an all-student vote. This works best if the policy you want to pass is a ‘yes or no’ policy,

Big Ideas

You can use Big Ideas to see what other students think about your idea before you take it to a general meeting or referendum

What is policy?

The constitution and bye-laws, and the law, tell us what we can and can’t do. Policies then guide our actions towards achieving the desired outcomes of the student body. Policies are one of many sources of guidance and information that elected officers and staff use to steer the work and priorities of the Union, alongside officer manifestos, job descriptions, and through responding to student concerns and issues that arise. You can find out more about policy in our constitution and bye-laws Policy can be about anything! From asking the union to campaign for more microwaves on campus, to showing solidarity with students in another country facing a difficult situation. So, if you care about something and you want us to work on making it happen with you, this is how you do it! For information about how to write and pass a policy, please see the Policy Guide.

Current Policy

You can view all current policy in our Policy Tracker here. The policy tracker consists of all policy which is currently still live at Brookes Union, along with updated about our progress. You can see previous lapsed policy here. You can also click below to see the detail of any of our current policy.

Academic Issues

Activities and Activism

Democracy and Governance

Ethical and Environmental

Public Sector


Get in Touch

If you have any questions or would like some help drawing up a motion please get in touch with Maxwell Stewart, your VP Student Voice