Accessibility Statement

If you are experiencing any issues with accessibility on our site, please contact us at and we'll work to resolve it.

This assessment was made following the government guidelines for a basic accessibility check, available here:

The check is for the Brookes Union website,

Sample of pages checked:

  1. Text content

    Status: Mostly compliant

    Pages are usable with stylesheets disabled, though without styling the main menu is quite long. Header elements are used correctly in almost all instances.

    Page titles appropriately describe the pages.

    Issue: 2 pages using banner images for headings on their own which have no alternative text. Society room booking also uses images with text in them instead of titles.

    Recommendation: Either have them set within heading elements (with text) or at a minimum include title text on the image. Examples can be seen on the big-wins page and on the homepage.

    Issue: Social links in the header should include link text.

    Recommendation: Update the social links to include link text.

  2. Images, video and audio content

    Status: Mostly compliant.

    Almost all images have alt text, but alt text on some images could be more descriptive.

    Issue: big wins page and main page have banners with no alt text.

    Recommendation: Add alt text to images, check any new pages for alt text and improve if necessary.

    Issue: video content has auto-generated captions. Whilst they are quite good, they are not 100% accurate.

    Recommendation: Edit the caption text in youtube to correct any mistakes

  3. Interactive tools and transactions

    Status: Mostly compliant

    Almost all forms checked include appropriate field labels, and the focus of the cursor switches to the field.

    There is no warning for session timeout and I'm unable to create one, but it is possible to set the session timeout in the user info section.

    Users can review their answers before submitting a form, by use of the back button on embedded google forms. Elsewhere forms are single-page and can be reviewed at any time.

    Error messages which I've tested have been largely useful.

    Issue: The main Search bar has no form title

    Recommendation: If possible, add the form title myself. If not, contact Unioncloud admins about getting it added as an improvement across all unioncloud sites.

    Issue: Students do sometimes report getting a general error something like "please correct the errors on the page" with no specific and detailed error shown anywhere. This was reported by someone who had a non-student account, and was attempting to sign up to a society (possibly the error was that the system recognised they were not a confirmed student, but it failed to inform them of this.)

    Recommendation: Unfortunately this is not something I'm going to be able to fix across the site, but I will continue to monitor and if I have a situation which I can replicate, I will work with Unioncloud site admins to fix it.

  4. PDFs and other documents.

    Status: Mostly compliant

    Linked documents have meaningful titles.

    Issue: One broken link found, now fixed.

    Recommendation: when updating old content, check for similar broken links.

    Issue: Cancellation policy for society booking space is a linked MS word doc.

    Recommendation: It would be easier for many users if this were an online resource or page, rather than a download requiring microsoft word. (many users are on mobile.)

    Issue: Headings in policy documents are not marked by proper headers

    Recommendation: Possibly a note or short training session with those responsible for writing these documents. Links are also not marked as links but displayed as plain text.

  5. Technology

    Status: Mostly compliant

    Navigating on mobile

    Page orientation: no issues that I can tell.

    Issue: reps training quizzes weren't as easy to navigate on mobile with only one finger.

    Recommendation:It would probably be worth including a link to the quiz as well as the embed, or seeing if the embed can be done in a different way.

    Issue:scrolling on the popout sections of big wins is not ideal- strange white box appears on the bottom on mobile

    Recommendation: troubleshoot css which causes this.

    Single finger navigation

    Map embed on contact us page requires multi-finger scrolling to navigate, but there is the address information there as well.

    Issue: navigation of the submenu items of the main menu does not work correctly- link just takes you to the section page rather than expanding the submenu items.

    Navigating with just the keyboard

    Issue: Highlighting of tabbing over main menu is not perfect - some menu items not properly highlighted.

    Recommendation: Add the same rules for "focus" as I use for "hover" and it will be clearer.

    Issue: subsection blocks in /societies should include focus styles, and probably also hover styles which aren't just the image zooming in animation.

    Issue: Dropdown menus aren't tabbable - I must go through the parent pages in order to access subpages.

    Recommendation: Investigate to see if this can be fixed with different JS rules for the menu.

    Issue:Big wins items not navigable with tab unfortunately. I can change that layout though.

    Issue: similarly reps resource expanding sections need to be tabbable.

    Issue: give users the option of skipping to main page content.

    Checking content is usable when zoomed in or magnified

    Viewing with "very large" font size seems to work well on most pages.

    all the pages work well at 400% magnification.

    The embedded forms in reps resources don't scale up, but they still work as intended.

    Issue: big wins section titles don't scale up, "forgotten your password" link in sign in page doesn't scale up. Some elements on the page search don't scale up correctly, the search box works but could look better with the large font size.

    Recommendation: fix styling of these elements to use rem rather than px dimensions

    Color Contrast

    Issue: Buttons with the style .outlineButton and .jellyButton do not have quite high enough contrast.

    Recommendation: change background to a darker shade, or add a text shadow to improve contrast

    Popups and flashing content

    The only popups or flashing content is occasionally the top banner ad - unfortunately this is not going to be possible to remove - it's part of our agreement with the advertisers.

    Map content

    The address is posted alongside the map for people with visual impairments.

    Search and navigation

    Our site offers a search bar, and the main navigation does a fairly good job of breaking up the content by theme. This will be enhanced in the coming months as the new page structure gets rolled out.

    Issue: The navigation sidebar is not yet activated on all relevant subpages.

    Recommendation: Activate sidebar element as you update pages with new content.

    Issue: There is no site map yet.

    Recommendation: Add a site map feature to the footer.

  6. HTML checks

    Status: Compliant.

    Tables and bullet lists are styled correctly.

    HTML lang="en" tag exists on all pages.

    Videos are all youtube embeds and have the correctly labelled buttons.


Most of these recommendations can be carried out with changes to the styling of our site, and can be implemented before the next accessibility review.

I also intend to include a high-contrast option for viewing the site, as well as potentially including other accessibility tools with reciteme or a different add on.

A small number of issues stem from the underlying structure of the page, and cannot be solved without input from Unioncloud, our web admins.