Brookes Union Advice is a free, confidential service which is independent from Oxford Brookes University, and open to all Brookes Students.

The Advice Service is currently closed

Due to staff sickness we have taken the difficult decision to close the Brookes Union Advice Service to new cases. We hope to re-open on the 1st of February.

Below we have provided some answers to frequently asked questions. If you still need to speak to someone after reading these, please contact your Student Support Coordinator (SSC).



Results day is on the 29th of January, if you would like to appeal your result you have to submit this form within two months of the publication of your results (so by the 29th of March). Your appeal will only be considered if you can provide evidence of the following:

  1. there was an administrative error or procedural irregularity in the assessment process, which significantly impacted the assessment decision;
  2. the process of assessment was affected by bias;
  3. the student’s performance in the assessment was affected by relevant exceptional circumstances, which for valid reasons were not made known to the examination committee prior to their meeting.

You can’t appeal because you disagree with the mark you have been given or because you are close to a grade boundary without meeting one of the three criteria listed above. The full procedure can be found here.


The University expects you to raise complaints informally in the first instance. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome, you can raise a formal complaint. To do this, you need to complete this form, normally within 2 months of the thing you are complaining about. You will need to provide evidence of the thing you are complaining about.

The full procedure can be found here.

Student Conduct

If you have received an email that you are being investigated for misconduct, you should be invited to attend an interview which will be held on Zoom or Google with a conduct officer who will be a member of SIRT (student investigation and resolution team).

In cases of plagiarism, they will have a copy of your assignment and a copy of the Turnitin report. They will have notes on the relevant highlighted sections of the report. They will ask you questions about the references you used and the sources you used. To prepare for your interview you should go through your work with the Turnitin report and check all of the highlighted sections. Check all of the highlighted text to see whether you have quoted references adequately and correctly. If you find any errors or omissions you should be prepared to answer questions on these matters.

After the interview the conduct officer may impose a penalty if they believe you have committed some degree of misconduct. The level of penalty will depend on the nature and extent of the breach, whether you are a new student, whether you have committed any previous act of misconduct and whether you are an undergrad or postgrad student.

Information on the process and penalties can be found here. If you are not satisfied with the outcome you may seek a review within a time limit.

Financial Aid

The Government recently made £20million of additional hardship funding available to universities to support students with issues stemming from coronavirus.You can apply to the University Financial Aid fund to access this funding.

For example, this could help you with:

  • Shortfalls in rent (including if you are having to pay for accommodation in more than one place)
  • Costs associated with accessing online learning (including access to wifi or devices)
  • General living costs if your own or household income has fallen due to Covid

To apply for this, visit this page.

Refunds for Accommodation

If you are in Brookes-owned accommodation, the University has offered a 50% rebate if you have vacated your room but your belongings are still in your room. If you have fully vacated your accommodation you can apply to end your contract subject to a 28 day notice period. The University has sent out a form for you to complete to access these rebates: Rebate form. You can read the policy here.

If you live in Unite Halls please see the following information: If you are in private accommodation or other third party halls providers we have developed some tools for you to lobby your landlords:

Refund on Tuition Fees

We’re calling on students to lobby the Government to reduce tuition fees for Home UG students from £9,250 to £3000, bringing fees in line with those charged by online Universities, as well as offering a comparable reduction in fees for International and PG students. We are asking the University to use its influence to lobby national Government to offer tuition fee refunds and reduce the cost of tuition.

There’s a national petition you can sign to join in the campaign, or you can submit a complaint directly to the university. For other ways to join the campaign see our campaign page:


If you are looking for advice on accommodation for next year, please visit our Housing Advice webpages: Brookes Accommodation are opening applications for Brookes-managed properties in February and hosting a virtual Housing Fair on Tuesday 26 January, 11am - 2pm.

If you are concerned about disrepair or problems with your private accommodation you will also find some information on our Housing Advice webpages, as well as on Shelter’s website.