Brookes Union Advice is a free, confidential service which is independent from Oxford Brookes University, and open to all Brookes Students.

How our service is impacted by Covid-19 Coronavirus:

The Advice Team are now working from home.

You will still be able to access the same level of support and guidance from the Advice team by telephone and email. (In fact over two-thirds of advice is currently delivered this way.) 

Contact us:Please email us at with a summary of the issue. Please make sure you include your name, student number and phone number. An adviser will call or email you back. Please be aware we may be experiencing a high volume of requests. 

You can find up-to-date information and guidance from the University here:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (click to expand)

    • I’ve moved back home and I’m still paying rent on a private house that I rent on a joint tenancy with other students. Can I get a refund?

      As a joint assured shorthold tenant you will have certain rights and responsibilities:

      What does this mean?

      • You remain liable for the full rental amount until the end of your fixed term contract unless there is a break clause in the contract or your landlord and all tenants agree to end the contract
      • You and each one of your housemates are jointly and severally liable and will remain liable for the rent on the property until the end of the term. This means that each of you are responsible for the whole of the rent, not just your share of it.
      • You do not have the right to terminate your contract or refuse to pay, and failure to pay your rent in full could lead to a County Court Judgement being brought against you.
      • Your landlord cannot evict you for the next three months, even if you fail to pay your rent for at least three months.
      • If you and your housemates are all moving out and the property is left empty you must inform your landlord or agent.

      What can you do?

    • I’ve lost my part-time job due to coronavirus. I’m struggling to pay rent / look after myself and my family. What can I do?

      If your employer or ex employer is not paying you, you can check whether you are entitled to pay under the government Coronavirus Job Retention scheme

      We understand that many people’s financial situation has changed dramatically. The University’s Financial Aid fund is open and fast-tracking applications. If you’re struggling to meet your rent payments, need to travel home urgently or are struggling to support yourself and your family, you can apply for assistance. Find out more and apply:

    • Will I be entitled to a tuition fee refund now that face-to-face teaching has been suspended?

      The University has stated: “We continue to put the highest value on supporting students' wellbeing and attainment. The majority of academic provision has been moved online and student services continue to be provided, either online or by phone. Therefore, there are no plans to reimburse tuition fees which sustain this level of support both academically and across student support services.”

    • I am worried that I will not be able to complete coursework assessments this semester. What can I do?

      All students may apply for an additional 14 days extension on coursework assessment deadlines if they are affected by Covid-19. There is no requirement for evidence but applications must be made on the correct form. Please follow this link for further information

    • What can I do if I still cannot meet a deadline due to illness or other exceptional circumstances even with the 14 day extension?

      In these circumstances you will need to make a full application for exceptional circumstances. Please follow this link for further information contact the Union’s Advice Service if you would like further advice on making an application.

    • What do I need to do if I am ill on the day of an event assessment?

      You will need to self certify. Please follow this link for further information

    • Will I still receive my maintenance loan payments / Child care grant / NHS bursary payments?

      Unless you suspend or withdraw from your course you will continue to receive your normal payments.

    • I am returning early from study abroad. Will my SFE award be affected?

      Follow this link: to relevant information and if you have any queries please contact the Union’s Advice Service.

Get in touch

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Brookes Union, John Henry Brookes Building, Headington Campus.

How to find us

Note: We are not currently offering in-person meetings.

Brookes Students' Union Offices & Advice Center are located on the first floor of the John Henry Brookes Building, just above Union Square.

Brookes Union Reception and Union Square


Do you have a question about the Assessment Adjustment Process? Please first refer to the email sent to all students on 23 June 2020, or the official guidance from the University.

If you have any concerns or questions on the AAP after reading this and the FAQs please contact your Student Support Coordinator. If you have a question about anything else please email us as usual at

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Our experienced advisors can provide confidential advice on a wide range of issues:

University Advice

  • Exceptional circumstances: if you are having personal or health problems which are affecting your study.
  • Appealing against a decision the University has made.
  • Raise a complaint about the University.
  • Assistance in facing disciplinary action from the University.

Housing Advice

  • What you need to know before you rent.
  • Check your tenancy contact with you before you sign it to help you avoid signing up to something that could be unfair or costly.
  • Problems with landlords, neighbours or fellow tenants.
  • Disrepair.
  • Recovering your deposit.

Money Advice

  • Student finance and help with problems concerning student loans or grants.
  • Debts that you are struggling to pay, budgeting worries you may have.
  • Banking services and income tax issues.

General Advice

  • Checking entitlement to welfare benefits.
  • Advice on employment problems.
  • Consumer issues.

If you are not sure whether we are the right place to come to, just get in touch. If we can’t help, we will probably know who can.