Results Day FAQs

Every year we get a lot of queries about results. To make it easier for you, we've compiled this list of frequently asked questions. Please scroll down the page to view all the FAQs. 

If you have a question that doesn't appear here, you can contact our advice centre on 01865 484770 or by emailing them -

I cannot see my results 
You should be able to get your results by logging into your Student Information and looking at your Records and Results page. 

My results are not on my student information 
Check that they are due to be released today. Not all results are available on the same day.

If you have an outstanding disciplinary decision your result will be deferred until the matter is resolved. 

If you failed to show your student card at an exam your results will not appear until you have taken your card to the Student Central counter to prove your identity 

If you have unpaid tuition fees you will not be able to see your results until the matter is resolved. You can contact Brookes Finance to discuss this. If you cannot pay your fees you can contact Brookes Union Advice Service for advice on your options 
I have to resit an exam/ resubmit coursework. When will resits take place?
UMP Semester 1 exam resits and coursework resubmission will take place during the week beginning Monday 6 April 2020.

Dates and times will be published on your Google calendar and it is your responsibility to check your calendar and Student Information to find out when and where your exams are held. If you have a resit of coursework you will need to contact your Module Leader for information.

Note: postgraduate resits may be scheduled on different dates.

I will be away during the resit period. What can I do?
It may be possible for you to take your exam in another country and you can find out more about off site exams here 

You must have a good reason why you cannot take your exam at Brookes and permission is at the discretion of the University. Be aware that there is only one resit opportunity.

When do the resit results come out? 
Resit results for UMP students will be published on Monday 8 June 2020.

If I pass my resit, when will my graduation take place?
Graduation ceremonies will take place beginning on Monday 15 June 2020 and Friday 4 September 2020. See the graduation page of the Brookes website for further details.

Why haven’t I been given a resit?
If you are an Undergraduate student you will be given a resit as long as you made a valid attempt at the assessment. Please see the resits and retakes page for further information.  

If you pass the resit, your mark will be capped at 40% regardless of how well you do unless you have made a successful application for Exceptional Circumstances, in which case the mark will be uncapped.

If you are a postgraduate you will be given a resit as long as you made a valid attempt at the assessment. Please see the resits and retakes page for further information.  
If you pass your resit your mark will be capped at 50% regardless of how well you do unless you have made a successful application for  Exceptional Circumstances, in which case the mark will be uncapped.

I am not happy with the mark I have been awarded for my exam. What can I do?
You cannot challenge academic judgement but there are some grounds under which you may appeal a mark. They are:

a) the assessment was not conducted in accordance with the regulations for the programme
b) the judgement of an examiner(s) was affected by personal bias
c) there was an administrative error or some other irregularity in the conduct of the assessment causing the assessment decision to be significantly different 
d) circumstances existed that affected performance in the assessment, and for a valid and compelling reason, the student did not apply for exceptional circumstances before the examination committee met.

You must state which ground(s) you wish to appeal under and give details of the reason why you believe the ground was breached. You must also provide evidence to support your claim, for example, a copy of the relevant section of the course handbook. You must submit your appeal within two months of the publication of the result and you must make your appeal on an Appeals and Complaints form. You will find more information about the Academic Appeals regulations and an appeals form here

If you would like advice on whether you may have good grounds or help with the appeal process please contact Brookes Union Advice Service. 

I am 0.5% off being awarded an honours degree in the next classification up. Can I do anything?
If you have achieved an average mark of between
49.5% but less than 50%
59% but less than 60%
68% but less than 70% 
you will fall into a borderline and will be considered for a higher class of award.  

If you are on a borderline Brookes will then look at the semesters over which your last eight graded acceptable module credits occur. If any four acceptable graded credits are in the higher class of award you will automatically be awarded a degree in the next class up.

Be aware that failed modules still count towards the eight graded modules, double or triple modules are counted as two or three individual module credits, placement modules are not graded modules so do not count in the eight and modules disregarded through mitigating circumstances are not counted in the eight. 

Acceptable modules will have a two letter code in capital letters next to the module title. Modules with lower case codes or no codes are not acceptable.

I was ill during my exams and could not attend. What can I do?
You should already have made an application for  Exceptional Circumstances if you were ill before or during your exams. Please see the University Fit to Sit information on this. If you did not make an application please contact Brookes Union Advice Service if you would like advice on this matter.  

I have to repeat a year because I did not progress. Will I continue to get funding from Student Finance England? 
If you have not had to repeat a year before and you have no other periods of previous study at level 4 or above (apart from the time spent on your current course) you should be able to get funding for your repeat year.
Student Finance England allows students who are eligible for funding, to receive a Tuition Fee Loan to cover the ordinary duration of the course, plus one additional year to allow for the above kind of eventuality.
If you have already had funding for a repeat year or you have spent time at an educational institution on a course that is at level 4 or above your funding is very likely to be affected. Please contact Brookes Union Advice for advice on your options.

I cannot graduate because I have not passed enough acceptable modules. Will I be able to get funding to take or retake enough modules to complete my degree?
Please refer to the answer above.

I have been informed that I have been excluded for academic failure. Can I do anything to reverse this? 
If this happens you will not be able to continue with your course. If you believe that difficult circumstances, for example ill health or serious personal problems, were the reason for your failure it may be possible to make an academic appeal. For further information please contact Brookes Union Advice.

Do I have the right to see my exam paper?
Yes you do have the right to see it but you cannot take it away. You will be allowed the opportunity to look at it in a room with your Module Leader in attendance.

Can I get a breakdown of the different components of my module?
Yes you can ask your Module Leader for this.