Sexual Health


Brookes Medical Centre provides contraceptive advice, including: emergency contraception, oral contraceptive pill, contraceptive injection, implants, IUDs (also known as the coil) and help and advice about unplanned pregnancy. They also offer onsite chlamydia testing.

For a full sexual health screen, you can visit several clinics in Oxford. If you are aged 16-24, you can order a free chlamydia testing kit from:


Condoms, used correctly every time you have sex, can be effective in reducing your risk of getting an STI, and can also stop you or your partner from getting pregnant. Condoms aren’t foolproof however.  


Condoms are available free from sexual health clinics. If you are under-25 and live in Oxfordshire, you can also register for the safety c-card scheme to get free condoms from a variety of outlets. (Visit: to find out more.)


Emergency contraception:


Emergency contraception can prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or if your contraceptive method has failed – for example, a condom has split or you've missed a pill.

The (EHC) Emergency Hormonal Contraception (the morning-after pill) is available from:

  • Most pharmacies (also known as chemists)
  • Any sexual health clinic
  • Young women under 21 can get the morning-after pill from several pharmacies in Oxford for free
  • Brookes Medical Centre

The earlier you take the morning-after pill, the more effective it is.


Where to find help and support:


British Pregnancy Advisory Service

If you’re worried you may be pregnant or want advice on abortion.
08457 304 030

National Sexual Health Helpline

Confidential advice, information and referrals on all aspects of sexual health and HIV/Aids.
0800 567 123

Oxfordshire Sexual Health Service

Sexual health clinics offering a full range of services.

Terrence Higgins Trust

A national HIV and sexual health charity, offering support advice and services for anyone living with or effected by HIV.
01865 243389