Annual General Meetings


The 2021 Annual General Meeting was held on the 24th of March at 5pm.

Find out what happens at an AGM and what motions (ideas) were discussed at the AGM in the downloadable guide.

If you want to see the notes from last year's AGM, they are available here:

What is an Annual General Meeting?

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is really just a big meeting of students, with a fancy title. The AGM only happens once a year and is your chance to hold Brookes Union to account. 

The elected officers will give a presentation on everything they’ve been working on for the past year, and you’ll get the chance to put any questions you have directly to them. At the AGM, you’ll also get to vote on a number of items - including the Union’s annual accounts, and motions submitted directly by students. 

Every student at Oxford Brookes is automatically a member of the Students’ Union, which means all students are eligible to attend the AGM, and to submit and vote on motions. 

The AGM is the biggest democratic event of the year, and is your chance to find out what we’ve been doing for the past year, to tell us what you’d like to see change, and to help make those big decisions which decide the future direction of your Union!

What will happen at AGM?

  • Firstly, we will count how many students are there, because we need at least thirty students to attend in order for the decisions made to be binding. At the beginning, you’ll be welcomed by the student officers, who will explain how the meeting works for those who haven’t attended before. 

  • After that, students will be asked to vote on a number of items, including the Union’s annual accounts. The student officers will then provide a presentation about what they’ve been working on for the past year, and you’ll get the chance to put your questions directly to them.

  • Then the most fun part! You’ll get to debate and vote on motions (ideas) put forward directly by students.  

  • You can find the full agenda for the meeting in our AGM booklet, which will be available to download ahead of the event.

Why should I go?

Brookes Union is a democratic organisation - which means that all key decisions at Brookes Union are made directly by students. Without your input at events like the AGM, we wouldn’t be able to call ourselves a student run organisation! 

Your elected student representatives work hard on your behalf throughout the year, but the AGM is where students can really take control. Not only will the motions you submit, and votes you cast, form the basis of the Union’s policies for the next three years, but you’ll find out exclusive information about the Union’s plans going forward!

If you are involved with the Union as a society member, a student rep, a network member, or have used services like the Advice Service, then it’s vitally important that you attend, as decisions made could have a direct influence on you and the students you represent! It’s important that you are happy with all decisions made at the AGM. 

And if you’re NOT happy with something Brookes Union or the University have been doing, then this is the right place to ask questions, or challenge your elected officers and University management!