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Tel   bu digi screen   1920x1080

How can you make the most of your free Telegraph subscription? As a Brooke...

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Oxford 1378638 1920

You'll never be bored in Oxford. We've put together our Top 10 Tourist Things...

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Union awards winners

There’s more to life at Brookes than lectures and seminars. Joining a society...

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Oxford 2361239 1920

Get to know your campus Freshers' week is full of fun, social activities b...

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Get a student bank account sorted Don't wait until you get to Universi...

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There’s so much more to university life than just drinking! Drinking can be a...

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Teddy 2442128 1920

Important documents  The University will give you a list of important docume...

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Celine role model

  Celine, our LGBTQ+ Students’ Officer, reports back on the Role Progr...

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