10 reasons why you should join a society

Wednesday 18-09-2019 - 10:58

There’s more to life at Brookes than lectures and seminars. Joining a society is a surefire way to make your time unforgettable. So why not join a society? Here are 10 reasons why you should a society while at Brookes:

1) Meet new like minded people and make a ton of friends! Societies are a great way to socialize and build your social groups. Here you can find some of your best friends, or you could bring your best friend with you to a society!

2) Learn new skills and experiences. In many societies there is an opportunity to learn about important topics such as health and safety, finance, marketing, etc. as well as developing strong interpersonal skills.

3) Gain employability. Present the skills and experience you’ve gained whilst in a society on your CV, on applications and in interviews. Using effective examples (e.g. running a campaign, organising an event or fundraising), to demonstrate the relevance of your experience.

4) Try new things and get new experiences. Societies are a great way to learn new things and find new interests and hobbies.

5) Become a leader or influencer. Joining a committee on a society gives you the opportunity to become part of a larger organisation and to test out your leadership skills. You’ll have the option to lead the pack, or run with the wolves, but there’s no doubt. In a society, your voice will be heard.

6) Adventuring and travelling the world! Need a way to travel cheaply and with friends? Boom, join a society. Certain societies will give you the option to go on trips and tours all around the UK and these will be at ‘mates rates’. A cheap and effective way to go on holiday with your pals!

7) Get better grades! Well, to get better grades you still need to work hard, but the key to a healthy university life and good grades, is a balance between a healthy social life and a healthy working life. Also being part of a group and ,meeting potential study buddies is always a bonus. You never know, you may even be doing that one presentation together.

8) Stay active/be active. You’re more likely to get up and be active following those big nights of studying, working or partying if you are part of a group. It’s a great way to exercise your body, while letting your brain rest.

9) Represent. Whether you want to have some snazzy new clothes or just want to represent your team, joining a society will help you do that. Want that dance hoody? Maybe that tea society T-shirt? With society kit you can represent the best societies at university and be proud of it.

10) Fun, fun, fun! University doesn’t have to just be about hard work and lectures. Try something new, and don't be afraid to do the things you have always wanted to. You’re never too old for a teddy bears picnic, or a game of tag! Put simply, join a society and you will have the best time of your life.

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