6 things that General Meeting has changed this year!

Monday 17-05-2021 - 14:05
6 things we changed

General Meeting is a large forum where all students can debate and vote on ideas which will decide what Brookes Union works on for years to come. Motions passed at General Meeting form the backbone of everything that the Union does, and are ultimately what decides how the Union runs and what it does.

This year students passed TEN motions at General Meeting!

Here are 6 things that the General Meeting decided this year…


  1. Passed an Oxford Living Wage policy - meaning that Brookes Union will now pay all its staff and students the Oxford Living Wage!
  2. Passed a policy for a BUCS refund - which we won! The University has since refunded all students who paid their BUCS fees in sports teams!
  3. Passed a policy calling for the University to offer an accommodation rebate - which we won! The University condeeded to the demands set by General Meeting, and offered a 50% refund to students living in halls in the first semester
  4. In December 2020, you voted for a new policy on antisemitism. As a result, all Union staff and sabbatical officers have now attended antisemitism training!
  5. Introduced a new officer to represent trans students! We’ll be holding an election for the role of Trans Students’ Officer early next academic year.
  6. In October 2020 you voted for pronouns to be included in email signatures. You’ll see that this is now in all Union staff signatures and thanks to successful lobbying by officers this is also in lots of university staff signatures. (Instagram has just unveiled a new feature that lets you add your pronouns to your bio too).


And there’s still one more to go! The next General Meeting will be held on 26th May


If you want to make a change in the Union or University, you can write a motion and submit it to General Meeting to be voted on!

Find out how to write a motion on our webpage here. You can submit your motion by emailing it to su.representation@brookes.ac.uk.

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