Call for Fee Rebate

Tuesday 12-05-2020 - 14:07
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Call for Fee Rebate


We are aware that a number of you are concerned about the standard of your experience as a result of Covid 19 and believe that as a result, it would be appropriate for the University to provide a fee rebate. Brookes Union agrees.

It is our opinion that the impact on your experience and learning, means that you should receive a fee rebate. It’s our belief that you haven’t received the experience and learning opportunities sold to you when you chose to enter high education. In order to represent your views, we have written to the 13 local MP’s who represent Oxford Brookes students, calling for the government to fund a sector wide fee rebate.  

We recognise that as a result of Covid 19, the HE sector is under significant financial strain and is not receiving the same government support as other sectors and instead students are and will for the foreseeable future be expected to bear the financial brunt. As such, we along with the others in the sector, are calling for the government to step up and take some of the burden by providing support to universities and enabling a sector wide fee rebate that recognises the impact on learning. 

We want as many of you as possible to have your voices heard on this issue and as so we have included this template letter for you to send to your MP. You can find out who your MP is here

Students shouldn’t have to bail universities out or face years of reduced services. Help us call on the government to provide the same support for students, as they have for so many others.


Harry Bower (Union President), Daisy Hopkins (VP Wellbeing), Maxwell Stewart (VP Student Voice), Matthew Plowman (VP Activities & Employability)

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