Celine trained as Stonewall ambassador

Thursday 15-08-2019 - 09:27


Celine, our LGBTQ+ Students’ Officer, reports back on the Role Programme she has just completed. 

"I was recently selected to attend the Stonewall BAME/ PoC LGBTQ+ Role Model Programme. Stonewall is a charity who aim to empower LGBT people to be their authentic selves and enable LGBT people and allies to create positive change. 

The Role Model Programme aims to empower BAME/PoC LGBTQ+ role models in their communities, to enable them to explore and challenge the issues faced by BAME/PoC LGBT people in society, and to create a more inclusive BAME/PoC LGBTQ+ community. 

I found the programme really insightful and empowering. Meeting other people and sharing stories of our own experiences of what intersectionality, privilege and authenticity means to us gave me the opportunity to explore issues within our communities. I learnt a lot about the issues and challenges facing BAME/PoC LGBT people in society. It was also a wonderful opportunity to start building a network who can support and challenge one another. 

I have used the knowledge I gained from the programme to set goals for myself as LGBTQ+ Officer that are ambitious and will continue to build a more inclusive and diverse LGBTQ+ community. These goals especially focus on tackling the issues of stereotypes and stigmas within the LGBTQ+ community. I’ll update you regularly on how you can get involved and the progress I am making. 

As the name of the programme suggests, I learnt a lot about how to be a ‘role model’. A role model is someone who is self-aware of their influence and uses this influence to help build a better inclusive community and make positive change. 

Another important point we covered during the programme was reinforcing the importance of self-care. Sometimes it’s important to be reminded that you can’t be responsible for everything and it’s important to take a break. 

I’m really excited for the year ahead, and grateful to Stonewall for offering me this incredible opportunity."

Find out more about Stonewall’s work: stonewall.org.uk

Keep an eye on the Union’s channels for more information on how to get involved with our LGBTQ+ campaigns and activities. 


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