Elections in a pandemic?

Tuesday 26-01-2021 - 16:24

Nothing about this academic year has been ordinary, but at Brookes Union, we’re continuing to do everything we can to support you, and our elections are no different - Even during a pandemic!

So you’ve heard us talking about our upcoming elections and we understand that you may be thinking, ‘Why are they still running elections with everything that’s currently going on?’ Well, in short - Without Student Officers, Unions’ wouldn’t exist. And how would that affect you? Well you’d have no voice at Brookes, nobody to represent you and your time at University would be very different, even more so than it is now. Just think about the #BetterForBrookes campaign currently running… That’s the work of your current Union Officers, who are working hard to support you, get your voices heard and make a change!

First and foremost, our priority is ensuring they’re delivered in a safe and covid-secure way, with student safety being our first priority. So, this means that this year's elections will be entirely online with no physical campaigning and all associated events such as workshops, training, candidate question time and results will be hosted digitally.

These elections may feel slightly different to previous years, but there’s one thing that hasn’t changed, and that’s what we’re looking for - Our next team of Officers to lead the Union (and be our boss!).

You can find out all the information you’ll need about the elections, the positions up for grabs and how to nominate yourself right here: Learn about the elections

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