First meeting of Black Students Campaign

Wednesday 10-06-2020 - 14:19

Brookes Union is launching a Black Students Campaign to represent students of African, Asian, Arab and Caribbean descent at a Union and University level on an all issues affecting Black Students. The campaign is completely autonomous, and will be run by Black students, for Black students. It will be a safe space for students to discuss and share their experiences of racism at Brookes, and to campaign for change.

The first open meeting of the Black Students Campaign is being held at 12pm on Monday 15th June via Google Meet.

The campaign focuses on redressing the balance of Black representation in the Union and University, and its key functions are to:

• Combat racism at Oxford Brookes
• Raise awareness of the issues that face Black students both in the Union, University and wider society
• Organise events tailored to the needs of Black students
• Campaign on issues which affect Black students to improve their student experience at Brookes

If you have any questions or want to feedback, please contact

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