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Tuesday 13-10-2020 - 13:59
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Hello Brookes!

I know it sounds boring on the face of it, but General Meeting is a vital part of our democratic structure and is the most direct way that students can have the chance to make decisions on the way that Brookes Union is run. It is open to every single student to attend, and every single student can vote on the motions proposed at the meeting.

Here’s an update on everything you need to know from the first General Meeting of the year!

Over 300 of you voted, and you passed the following policies:

Oxford Living Wage

Brookes Union will now seek to start paying all its student staff at the Oxford Living Wage, and will campaign to see the University follow suit

Use of Pronouns

We will now include pronoun fields on all student facing forms and documents, and encourage all staff to put their preferred pronouns in their email signatures

Covid-19 Student Fee Refund

We will now begin campaigning for Oxford Brookes University to partially refund student tuition fees while online teaching is implemented.

Amendment to the Bye-Laws

These amendments will create a new set of Exec’s who will feed into our democratic structure. They also give a veto power to the EDI Exec over Union policy which has an unfair impact on underrepresented groups of students.

Why does it matter?

By voting for these motions written and submitted by students, you have been able to set the Union’s official position on these issues. By proposing and passing motions at General Meeting, you can bind the Union to campaigning in the way you think we should be! It really is that easy to make decisions on what Brookes Union should be doing... That’s why I want to encourage you to write your own policy for the next General Meeting! You can find out how to write a motion, and view all of our current policy on our website here:

How can I get involved?

Now that you’re all updated, I reckon you’re ready to get involved! The next General Meeting will be held at 4pm on Wednesday 21st October. Register now to attend now and get ready to cast your votes!

You have until 14th October to submit motions to this meeting. Any motions submitted after this date will roll over to the next fortnightly General Meeting. You can email motions to

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