Guidance on living in Oxford during the pandemic, from your officers

Thursday 24-09-2020 - 15:57
Covid oxford

Just a message from your Officer team about Covid and what you might have seen on social media or in the news about a minority of students who have not been following the Government rules. 

We want to start off by saying we completely sympathise with everyone, as we’re sure no one thought they’d be starting Uni in a pandemic.  For Freshers, having to leave home, come to an entirely new environment not knowing many, if any one else, is quite scary, even at the best of times. For everyone else, coming back to a completely different, party-free Oxford. 

So we totally understand that you’re eager to go out and meet people and make new friends, as that is what a huge part of what going to university is all about. However, it’s really important that we all do so safely. Unfortunately we are currently going through a global pandemic, so things can’t be exactly the same as how they used to be. 

We know that a few of you might feel that Covid-19 isn’t as big a deal for you because you are mostly young and healthy, but it doesn’t always work like that. There are young people who have no underlying health conditions that have died or have long-lasting health issues now because of contracting the virus. We’re all living together here in Oxford, so you could be unknowingly putting other people at risk (as well as yourself) if you go against the Government guidelines. Think especially of those in the community who fall into the vulnerable category - perhaps your grandparents, siblings or friends.

The University has stated they will take action to enforce the rules and against those who break them, so don't put your education/future at risk. 

Please be safe and look out for each other. Do your part: stay in groups of no more than 6, wear a face covering when needed, use hand sanitizer, wash your hands, follow the one way systems and keep 2 metres apart. We also want to add, if you start feeling/showing symptoms please don’t keep it to yourself. You could be saving someone's life by letting people know. Isolate yourself and your household for 14 days. Make sure you use the University’s reporting form to let them know. You can find information and support on these pages too. 

As student officers of Brookes Union, we are working really hard to bring you many safe activities for you to attend to meet fellow students like yourself. Keep an eye out on our officer Facebook pages for updates. 

As always, we are free to chat with you about anything and everything - and if you have ideas to make things better we’ll do what we can to make them happen. So don’t hesitate to send us a message.

Your Officer team: Daisy, Maxwell, Niamh, and Katie.

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