Hard-copy assignment hand-in: an end to unnecessary printing

Monday 30-04-2018 - 13:30

Harriet Cherry, VP:Academic Experience, submitted a paper to several University committees calling for the requirement for physical hand-ins to be dropped. This was successful, and the University will be making the change for modules starting in September 2018.


Students will no longer be required to submit hard copies of work where such assignments have been submitted digitally. Students will no longer need to submit physical copies of assignments or dissertations, unless there are valid reasons for doing so. This change will come into force from September.


Brookes Union has pushed for this change, as we believe that physical hand-ins create unnecessary stress and cost for students, as well as impact negatively on the environment. The approach to hand-ins has varied across University departments - this change will make it consistent.


Large assignments such as dissertations can cost £15 to print.  This is an unnecessary financial stress. Part-time and distance learners may find they have to travel to campus specifically to hand in their work, which can be costly to do and could also involve having to take time off from other commitments.


Large queues outside the Brookes Print room are a common sight during the dissertation period. This can create additional stress.  All of these issues can be magnified for students with disabilities or mental health challenges.


Brookes prides itself on being a green University, and yet the requirement for printed copies has a detrimental environmental impact.  The use of paper and toner, the energy required for printing, and the pollution from students making unnecessary journeys to campus all have a negative impact on the environment.


This change comes into force for modules starting September 2018. If you’re asked to submit anything via hard copy after this date, let us know. Send an email to su.experience@brookes.ac.uk with details of the assignment, your student number and course details.

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