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Wednesday 19-08-2020 - 16:11
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The first month on the job for me has been surreal, but in a good way. It obviously hasn’t been the start we were thinking about back in March, but nevertheless we move forward. 

So far I have learnt a lot. I have met a lot of new people (virtually that is) and had many many zoom meetings, in which I still forget to unmute my microphone when I’m talking but I’ll get there someday...maybe. I’ve done lots of training sessions - covering a whole range of topics from equality and diversity through to how to use social media or what a balance sheet is. 

The role itself is both exciting and terrifying! There are a lot of things I want to achieve this year and having started the role in these circumstances makes it slightly more challenging, but that won’t stop me trying to help as many students as I can. Coronavirus has sharpened my focus in a way, as it makes what I do (student wellbeing) all the more important this year. 

I’m moving into my new house soon (if you’re doing the same make sure you check our housing advice and complete your inventory! I want my deposit back at the end of my contract and I’m sure you do too!)  I am really looking forward to being back in Oxford, meeting new people and helping students (all while socially distancing). Having been in Oxford filming various things for the Union I’ve realised how much I’ve missed the city itself. We’re so lucky to live here. Being in Oxford has such a different environment than being at home. Don’t get me wrong, working from home is fun; I can work in the garden, I get to be with my family and my dogs (mainly the dogs). Also rolling out of bed and already being in “the office” is a lovely bonus. But, I can’t stay at home forever, and I can’t wait to get back to Oxford and see what the next few months have in store. 

If there’s anything you want to chat about, or if you think I can help you, then I’m all ears! Send me a Facebook message and say hi. 


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