Safer Taxi Travel Scheme

Tuesday 14-05-2019 - 11:17

We are launching a new Safer Taxi travel scheme in September.  

The Union has undertaken a review of the Safety Bus service, and safer travel within the city.  As a result, we will be launching a Safer Taxi Scheme in partnership with a local taxi firm in September. This scheme works well in other university cities. It will be a major improvement on the current provision, as it will be available to students 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Currently the Safety Bus only operates between 9pm - 3am. The Safety Bus will be phased out from the end of this semester, with the Safer Taxi Scheme coming live from September. 

We will publicise full details of the scheme before it launches, alongside an awareness raising campaign to ensure all students are aware of the new service and how to use it. 

We are incredibly grateful for the tireless work that our Safety Bus volunteers have put in over the years to ensure that students can get home safely. They have made an enormous difference to our students' lives. In order to give our students the opportunity to take part in volunteering opportunities and continue to give back to the community we will also be launching a new volunteering scheme from September. This scheme will link students up with local volunteering opportunities. 

President, Brookes Union 


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