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Friday 26-10-2018 - 16:25
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The beginning of this year has been great. We have been able to welcome new students with an amazing range of arrivals weekend events. Partnering up with The Ox we helped deliver an amazing Freshers’ Week with lots of different events for everyone. I watched the Greatest Showman for the first time in the hall at our sing along!

I held a stall to mark World Mental Health Day (Wed 10 Oct), speaking to students about mental health and wellbeing. We gave away Little Books of Wellbeing with free fruit, and signposted students to services that offer help and support. Creating a culture on campus where people can come forward and say “I’m not ok” or “I need help” is essential. I’m continuing to work on mental health awareness, building on the work we undertook last with the ‘MentalK Health’ campaign.

I’m been working to support the Oxford Brookes Student Minds team with their Positive Minds sessions. This is a peer-to-peer support group aimed at providing support for students facing low-level depressive symptoms. I’ve been working with Wellbeing to embed this within their triage system to better direct people who would benefit from the group.

I’ve been working with the Safety Bus to relaunch the service - bigger and better than ever. I’ve revamped the recruitment and training process to ensure that we support our volunteers, and that they have the skills and knowledge they need. This will make the process more sustainable and durable for the future.

As well as this I’ve been working with the other officers to make sure we’re making an impact on the ide range of issues students face - from housing, to catering, to access to sport, to effective representation, and so much more. I’m looking forward to working with the new Portfolio Officer team to help them realise their plans and campaigns, and represent the students they support.

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