Sexual Violence Statement

Thursday 17-12-2020 - 12:31

On Wednesday 16 December we released a statement about the allegations that some individuals had shared explicit photos of students without their consent. The university is investigating the allegations, and it is important to remember that these are therefore still allegations. In order to ensure that the process is fair for all involved, we aren’t able to give out any more updates or information, and we ask for your patience whilst it is resolved.

Brookes Union stands in solidarity with every woman or student who has ever experienced Sexual Violence of any sort. We want every space in the university to be inclusive and that means rejecting misogyny, sexism and any other forms of bullying, harassment & discrimination.

We want to take a moment to celebrate our amazing Women’s Officer, and her campaign group Say It Loud for all of their hard work creating a safe space for survivors to come forward and talk about their experiences. We are incredibly proud of the response from the majority of our students so far, the support you have shown each other is truly amazing.

To every person who has come forward with information so far - thank you, we see you - our job now is to make sure that these allegations are properly investigated by the university and that action is taken where appropriate. Our priority as the Students’ Union is to support those students who may be victims in this alleged incident.

If you have any information which you think might be relevant, please email Daisy, the Brookes Union President at or to any other officer. We will treat any disclosures sensitively and confidentially and only share with the university what you give us permission to share, but every piece of information will help.

If you want support to campaign on this or similar issues join one of our campaign networks here: 

We’ve been making a list of all of the support services available for anyone affected:

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