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Tuesday 05-02-2019 - 13:14

Society of the Month: Tabletop Gaming 

This month's Society of the Month is Tabletop Gaming.

members of tabletop gaming society posing

The society have faced several challenges this year, but have shown perseverance, continuing to encourage involvement from and providing support for members through consistently delivering inclusive events throughout the semester - and especially during exams, which is already a difficult and busy time for pretty much everyone. 

"We are ecstatic that Tabletop Gaming has won society of the month! This year we have faced our share of challenges and have been stepping our game by making the society even more inclusive and more social and it’s great to get recognition for that.

Our Society does a variety of things. We incorporate board games, role playing games, dungeons and dragons and live action roleplaying (LARP) into our society, with different meeting times for the different aspects. We also have a vibrant social calendar with good mixture of drinking and non-drinking socials twice a week.

We meet for general board games on Monday and Wednesdays 5pm until 8pm, usually in JHB 401 on the Gipsy Lane Campus (but check our Facebook and emails for any changes) and LARPing on Sundays 12pm until 5pm in the Union Gallery.

People can get involved by joining our society Facebook page:

Or by joining our society on the Brookes Union page so we can send you an email blast every week." - Maxwell, President 

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