Student-Approved Quarantine Baking (Student Blog)

Thursday 14-05-2020 - 10:34

Student-Approved Quarantine Baking

Charlotte Maidment, BA English Literature with Creative Writing, 2017-2020

If you’re like me and thoroughly done with the whole national lockdown/scary pandemic type situation at the moment, chances are you’ve at least considered trying your hand at baking. I’m here to help. These are my favourite recipes, approved by yours truly for student-use during quarantine. They’re perfect for killing time, in between studying, and for getting you away (albeit temporarily) from endlessly scrolling through twitter.

Banana Bread

Everyone on Instagram is baking this for a reason! Banana bread is easy to make and doesn’t require a ridiculously long ingredients list. I use this recipe. The run-down on what you’ll need for this beauty:

  • 2 bananas (especially great when they’re starting to turn brown)
  • Plain flour (substitute for self-raising if you don’t have bicarbonate of soda)
  • A pinch of salt
  • Sugar
  • 2 eggs

Recipes for banana bread typically use a bread loaf tin but I’ve been using a deep baking tray and had great results – instead of slices, I cut it into square pieces, like a tray bake. If you’re super ambitious (and a little bit creative), check out a tutorial like this one for making your own baking tray out of aluminium foil.

Cinnamon Rolls

Be warned, this one can get a little messy. It’s the most time consuming recipe on the list, but with high effort comes high reward. If you like batch cooking then this recipe will be right up your street. Back at home I like to use a recipe with yeast for these (the dough rises better) but because I’ve been in Oxford during this lockdown, I’ve been using this no-yeast recipe. Spare dough can be frozen and then defrosted 24 hours before use, and spare cooked rolls can be kept in the fridge for a few days. The recipe suggests using a cream cheese mixture for the topping but I prefer to sprinkle them with icing sugar or dust them with leftover cinnamon sugar once they’re fresh out the oven.

No-Flour Oat Cookies

No flour? No worries –there’s still plenty of options! I used this recipe. Get a hold of some oats (read: porridge) and combine with chocolate chips, pecans, raisins or nuts to make these cookies. I chopped up a dairy milk bar from the vending machine in my halls to create the chocolate chips and used three packets of instant microwave porridge for the oats. When I tried this recipe out for this post, mine turned into more of a thin flapjack type snack, but I still enjoyed them.

Whatever you chose to cook this quarantine, make sure to stay safe and stay home! There’ll be plenty of time for drinking cider in pub gardens and celebrating the hard work we’ve done this year once the coronavirus situation is over.

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