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Friday 28-08-2020 - 11:03

Student Networks


Following the Black Lives Matter movement, we’ve seen hundreds of students come out to discuss their experiences of racism and discrimination, on campus and beyond. I want to thank each and every student who has spoken out on these issues, and especially to those who’ve taken the time to tell Brookes Union what you would like to see us do differently. 

The stories and opinions you have shared over the past few months have been instrumental in guiding our approach to fighting for the rights and freedoms of all students at Oxford Brookes. 

That’s why we have launched Student Networks: autonomous, funded campaign groups which give you the opportunity to lead the way in creating change. 


Networks are a great way for students to build communities and create change through collective action. They are representative bodies that can lead campaigns, hold events and social activities, create safe spaces for students to come together and share their experiences and build community. We want to empower you to lead these networks. 

That’s why we’ve created the Campaign Fund - a pot of funding specifically available to these groups to run campaigns on the issues that matter to them. There is a pot available for each of the networks, and students can submit ideas for how that money is spent throughout the year. 

You can now submit your campaign ideas for the networks here!

Students will vote on which campaign ideas to fund at the first meetings of the networks in October. Whether it’s decolonising the curriculum, or lobbying the University to provide free sanitary products in bathrooms, students will decide how the Campaign Fund is spent, and will set the political direction throughout the year.

We are launching 8 new networks; each of the networks will have an elected Chair who is a current student, and I’m so excited to work closely with each of the networks in my capacity as Vice President of Student Wellbeing to offer support and guidance throughout the year! 

Membership of Networks is free and open, just like membership of the Union. You may join any of the following groups which you self-define into (for example, only students who self define as LGBTQ+ may submit ideas to and attend meetings of the LGBTQ+ network!). 

We are launching the following liberation student networks:

  • Women’s Network
  • BIPOC Students Network
  • Black Students Network 
  • Disabled Students Network
  • LGBTQ+ Network 

And the following networks for underrepresented students/campaigns:

  • Postgrad Network
  • Mature Students Network
  • Environmental Network

Find out more about the Student Networks on our website! 

Katie, your VP: Student Wellbeing


Blog: VP: Welfare

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