Top 10 tips before you arrive

Thursday 22-08-2019 - 14:53

Get a student bank account sorted

Don't wait until you get to University to open a bank account! After getting your confirmed place, look online or go into a branch to find out your options. This will help ensure that you get your student loan into your account as quickly as possible when starting your course. Keep an eye out for the added incentives. Many of the mainstream banks will offer these with their student accounts! Remember to let the student loan company know of any new details or changes to your account. It’s also a good idea to locate the nearest branches to the University. 

Check the welcome emails 

Have you checked your emails? Iimportant information about your arrival, Freshers' Week, and starting your studies will start to come through. Don’t forget to keep checking these emails! 

Follow social media channels 

Start following Brookes Union’s various social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Insta). Here you will get all the latest info, advice and guidance before and throughout your first year of University. You will also be kept updated with all things FRESHERS’!. Be sure to also check out Brookes Union’s halls of residences social media pages, where you can seek out your future flatmates before you even arrive!

Save some money ahead of arriving 

Even if you get a student loan, it's worth saving some money beforehand so you don't have to rely entirely on your loan. If you have any problems with your Student Finance whilst you're at Brookes, don't forget that you can contact our Brookes Union Advice team, who will be happy to help. 

Do some preparatory reading 

Preparatory reading isn’t compulsory, but it may give you a bit more confidence when starting your lectures!

Make a checklist 

How do you know which items you'll need and which to leave behind? It’s always worth making a checklist of things to bring with you to University! 

Make sure important documents are sent off 

It is important that you take care of sending off any important documents required by the University. Make sure you’ve filled out any forms, have the right funding in place, provided all the necessary information etc. Not having all the right documentation may delay your enrolment or cause you stress - something we don’t want you to experience! 

Research the area 

It’s a good idea to have a closer look into the local area before you start University. How are you planning on getting to Uni each day? Which buses serve the area? Where are the nearest shops/supermarkets? How close is the nearest bank? Researching things like this now, will only help you more when you arrive! 

Make a budget plan 

The last thing you want to do is spend your entire student loan in the first week of University! Once you have a better idea of your incomings, take the time to work out a budget plan for each semester. How much will be paid on the essentials such as rent and food? How much will you have left to spend at your own leisure! Be sure to make your budget plan realistic! 


Yes, that’s right, you’re off to University and it’s only right that you get super excited about this new adventure before you go! See you soon! 

Some extra advice...

Capture the memories! 

You might want to cherish your first week at University forever and ever, but time really does fly when you’re having fun! Our advice - take lots of photos that you can look back on! 

Be open-minded
When starting University, try to be open-minded about other students. They might not seem like your kind of person at first, but they could well be the most interesting friend you meet all year!

Try new things
University is the ideal opportunity to try something new, or something you’ve never considered doing before. Why not join a crazy-sounding society or give a fun, thrilling activity a go?




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