Top 10 tips for your first week

Friday 06-09-2019 - 13:50

Get to know your campus

Freshers' week is full of fun, social activities but it’s also a chance to familiarise yourself with the university and its surroundings. Make the most of this time to get your bearings and explore the campus itself. Where are the food outlets? Where can I find the Students' Union? Where are the teaching rooms? There’s nothing worse than looking at your timetable on your first day of lectures, realising you have a class at 9am in a building you’ve never heard of!


Go to the Freshers' Fair 

The annual Freshers’ Fair is your chance to have a look at what societies are on offer. Brookes Union have over 100 different societies, so you’re bound to find something that interests you! Freshers’ Fairs are also packed with freebies! Find the Freshers' Fair in the JHB, Headington Campus on Friday 20th September from 10am - 4pm. 


Did I hear discount?

It’s amazing how much better things are when they’re discounted! Well a Totum card will give you just that. Partnered with hundreds of retailers and food outlets, it’s time to start showing your student card at the till and using every opportunity to snag a good discount! Don't be shy - ask if they do student discount everywhere you go. Every penny counts. 


Find your nearest GP and register 

It’s important that when starting University, you register with a local doctor’s surgery. You may be able to register with the medical centre at Brookes. Check this here. 


Attend your welcome/introduction meetings 

Whether your lectures begin during Freshers’ Week or not, everyone will have welcome and introduction meetings for their courses to attend. Whilst you may find it a struggle to drag yourself out of bed after a late night, it is important you attend. These are not only ideal opportunities to meet people on your course and the lecturers who will be teaching you, but it is likely you will be given valuable information about your course and the upcoming semester. 


First impressions are important

Do you really want to be known as the person that got thrown out of a club or threw up over themselves or made a fool of themselves in the first week? Me neither. First impressions are key, so don’t give yourself an unwanted label. Of course you’re expected to have fun, but during Freshers’ Week don’t over do it, so that you forget who you are! Remember, everyone else is as nervous as you are. You're all adjusting to a new place, new people and a new course. 


Change is always going to be tough and diving into a new environment with new people is bound to be overwhelming for most people starting university. Leaving home can be more of a shock than you first expect, but remember everyone is in the same boat and if you’re really struggling, there are people and services here to support you, who can offer lots of tips to help you overcome homesickness.   


Make the most of student deals 

You never know when that pen, t-shirt, keyring or torch might come in handy! Take all the freebies, vouchers and discount codes you are given during Freshers Week! 

Explore the city 

Take some time to explore Oxford. You’re going to be living here for at least three years, so you may as well start discovering the city and get your bearings now! Round up your new flatmates or coursemates and head down into the city. You might find your new favourite coffee shop or bar. If you need inspiration, check out our Welcome to Oxford Guide which you'll find in your welcome bags on arrivals weekend.  

Stay safe 

Yes, it sounds obvious, but stay safe and keep your wits about you, particularly on nights out. Put the Safe Taxi number in your phone just in case. 

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