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Thursday 04-03-2021 - 13:19

Can I vote?

YES! Any student at Brookes can vote regardless of year, course, or mode of study. If you’re a Brookes student, you’re a voter! Be sure to use that vote!

How do I vote?

To vote, follow this link: You will need to sign in as you’d normally do, to get to the voting page!

I’m not happy with the election process - What can I do?

If you’re unhappy with the election process, there is also the option to spoil your ballot at the point of voting or vote to Re-Open Nominations (RON). Doing either of these is actually more powerful than choosing to NOT vote at all.

What are the voting dates?

The voting period for the Union elections has been extended until midday (GMT) on Mon 08 March, with results to be announced shortly after that. Voting has also gone 24/7 (previously the polls were only open from 7am-10pm).

Who should I vote for?

Now that’s completely up to you. Our only advice would be to check out all the candidate manifestos before you make a decision: It’s important that your vote is for someone you have confidence in and you think would best fulfill the job!

I can’t seem to find the voting page?

There are a couple of ways you can get to the voting page. Have you tried following You will need to sign in as you’d normally do, to get to the voting page. If that hasn’t worked for you, check your student emails for a voting link which was sent to you (subject: “Vote For Your New Officers”). Still no luck? Pop an email over to our Comms team:, or send us a message via social media (@Brookesunion, ).

How does the voting system actually work?

The voting system the Union uses is called Single Transferable Vote (STV). Voters are asked to rank the candidates in order of preference. Voters can select candidates they want in the order they want them (1,2,3 etc) and it builds their vote. Once they’re happy they can submit their vote. Voters may express as many or as few preferences as they wish, but cannot mark more than one candidate with the same number. To win, candidates must poll above 50% of the votes, either by totalling more than half of the first preferences, or reaching 50% after the lowest ranked candidates are eliminated, and the voters preferences are redistributed.

Can I go back and change my vote?

Afraid not - Once you've clicked submit, you can't log back in and adjust your vote. Once your vote is submitted, there's no way for anyone to access how you've voted or to edit preferences - but don't worry, voting is super easy and if you’ve got any questions, we’ll be on hand to answer!

Who do I contact if I have a question about voting?

Pop an email over to our Student Voice team: or send us a message via social media (@Brookesunion, ) and we’ll make sure your questions are passed on!

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