What to pack for uni

Wednesday 02-09-2020 - 16:19

By Katie (VP: Student Wellbeing)

What to pack for uni… I could sit here a type every single thing you need to take when you go to uni but I don’t wish to be held liable when I forget something which then makes you in turn  forget something, so instead I’m going to list a few of items you may forget about. 

(If you’re after a more in-depth list, check out the link at the bottom of this list)



1. Flip flops/ Sliders


Very handy for multiple things, not least having them to walk to and from the shower in so you don’t get dirt on your nice clean feet (or stand on something gross). And of course, perfect for quickly chucking on to take the bins out.

2. Covid items


Not really something you might forget but still important. Make sure you have hand sanitizer, face covering and all the soap you can find to keep Covid at bay for as long as possible (hopefully forever).

3. Fairy lights


Not essential but fun anyway. Make sure they are battery powered, 1) because you can’t have plug-in fairy lights in halls and 2) they actually use up a lot of energy for your energy bill.

4. A colander


You’ll thank me for this, when you get to uni, cook your first ever spaghetti bolognese, and realise you have no means of draining your pasta from the water and have to take it out by hand (ew). 

5. An umbrella


Nothing is worse than waking up for a 9am lecture and realising it is pouring with rain outside. An umbrella is always handy.

6. Monopoly


Because nothing breaks the ice like a flatmate flipping the table over during a game of monopoly! Other games will work too, but Monopoly is my personal favourite. 

7. Travel mug


Bringing your own coffee, tea, hot chocolate to lectures is always a good idea, plus will save you £££. Plus most coffee shops in town offer a discount if you bring a reusable mug. 

8. A hot water bottle


Simply put, there is nothing worse than being cold. Plus of course they’re perfect for general aches and period pains. 

9. Extension cables


These always come in handy when there are plugs put down the side of your desk/ wardrobe that you would never be able to access without one of these. Even more so now with all the virtual activities going on.

 10. Something to carry your laundry stuff


Whether this be a big shopping bag of a laundry basket hamper this is essential in carrying your washing to/from the washing machines. You really don’t want to drop your fresh clean washing on the floor.

But in all seriousness here is a link to a more in detail list of things to pack and take to uni. 

I know packing for university can seem really stressful and scary as you are packing a lot of stuff and moving away from home and are worried you are going to forget something. Even if you do forget something you can always pop to the shops.

If you want to take the stress out of packing, you can always buy your kits ready packed from UniKitOut. They’ll deliver them straight to your door. 

As ever, if you’ve any questions, queries or concerns, feel free to drop me a message. (Email kstarns@brookes.ac.uk or find me on Facebook as Katie Brookes.) 

Katie (VP: Student Wellbeing)

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