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Thursday 04-02-2021 - 15:33

Brookes Union Elections! You may have heard about them but what are they?

Students’ Union Elections are a chance for YOU to ensure the students voices are heard and listened to!

You may be thinking that becoming an Officer sounds like a big challenge (particularly in a global pandemic), and yes in short it is a big challenge but a fun, rewarding and exciting one! It is an experience that you will never forget and a journey that you will be glad you went on.

I decided I wanted to run for President as I felt there were a lot of things I wanted to change, improve and work on - all stuff I knew that if I didn't give the elections a shot I would be annoyed with myself that I didn't try. My time as President has been nothing like I expected it to be (both good and bad), it's been one of the most challenging years of my life (balancing life during Covid-19 hasn't been easy for anyone and i've had my struggles) but also one of the most interesting and fulfilling. I wont say that the role is easy, because it's not, but there is an amazing team of like minded individuals around you and you will be supported - I wouldn't have done the role if it was that bad!

Representing so many students, who all have different views, opinions and thoughts can seem quite daunting, but for me one of the best bits about the role is getting to know so many different people, hearing so many different views and listening to those voices who need to be heard. One thing I have missed being able to do is meet and chat to students on campus (which was one of my favourite things about the role before Covid-19), but like I said I have still got to know so many different people even if it has been through a computer screen this year!

There is always a new challenge and task to get stuck into, the beauty of a student population is that it is always changing - so there is always work to be done! The role pushes you to do your best and gives you the opportunity to make the changes and focus on the things that matter. It probably sounds quite busy… it is! But it's very manageable and for me the drive to want to make things happen keeps me going.

I still have a few months left of my role, and I am very excited to see who our next student leaders will be. I will leave my time as an Officer feeling like I gave it my best shot and knowing there will always be students who care, who want their voice heard and whose opinions matter. I really do feel like I have gained a whole bunch of new skills and a different perspective on lots of things - this im sure I will take into wherever I go next!

If you are thinking about running for a position, go on you wont regret it! Whatever the outcome, the election period is also a great opportunity to learn new skills and challenge yourself.

Daisy x


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