Virtual Union Awards 2020 - The Results

On Friday 15th May, we hosted our first ever Virtual Union Awards Night! Awards were announced across the day via Instagram stories. The Union Awards celebrate you - our members, and students of Brookes. They recognise the hard work you do, from running a society, to campaigning for change or volunteering as a student rep. This year we also introduced the ‘Student Choice Award’ to recognise students who have had an impact on others, or overcome hurdles during their time at Brookes.

Here are your 2020 award winners: 

Best New Society

Whovian Society

The judges felt that the nominations received for the Whovian society demonstrated an exceptional amount of work to create a culture and environment in which students could flourish at Brookes. The work being done to keep students engaged during the lockdown is commendable and it is without a doubt, the society has significantly improved the experience of its membership.

Best Series of Events


The judges felt that the consistency with which the society has held its activity, not just this year but over the last few years deserved recognition. The engagement of the membership in selecting activity is a great tool for engagement and has worked really well to help the society build itself up over the past few years and this award is recognition of the work of a number of people.

Society Event of the Year


The judges chose the Paramedic Society's Winter Ball for society event of the year.  It's the first time they have run this event and the judges were aware that a lot of the organisation was done by students on placement.

Collaborative Society of the Year 

BioMedical & Law 

The judges were really impressed by nature of the collabaration between Law and Biomed. They felt that whilst both are academic societies, the collaboration brought two very different communities together and so were impressed with ongoing work that is continuing between them.

Society Personality of the Year 

Jordan Gibson - OBMT 

This was an incredibly close decision for the judges, but in the end the award was given to Jordan Gibson. Jordan has been a permanent fixture within OBMT for the last 4 years and has at all times shown incredible passion and energy in his work. He has an infectious enthusiasm and is the complete embodiment of what this award was created to celebrate.

Society of the Year 


This was another incredibly close award. In the end judges went for the Dance Society, for their continous work throughout the year. Not only have they consistently run their classes, but they have engaged with wider Union activity including One World Week and No Mince Pies. More recently, they have continued to run classes online throughout the lockdown period, making them free and available to everyone. Finally, they have been working with the charity Keen thoughout the year, running sessions for children with disabilities. They provide a great example of how societies can benefit their members and the local community.

Rep Achievement of the Year 

Sally Reid Prescott & Chloe Day

The judges were impressed by the consistency and determination of these students' work. Sally and Chloe not only do everything asked of them as course reps, but they also represented all students at Swindon. They got the University to commit money to putting in a common room. They forced both the University and Union to rethink how they support students at Swindon. They've made an impact, not just on the current cohort, but on hundreds maybe thousands of future students. It's this legacy that convinced the judges that they deserved the award.

Student-Led Activity 

Angus Edwards - Share Silence, Stop Violence 

The judges were really impressed with the work being done as part of Share Silence Stop the Violence. Organised in response to the increase in reports of domestic violence during the Covid-19 lockdown, the campaign has been incredibly succesful. Organised by Angus, the campaign has not only raised a significant amount of money but has done so by highlighting the powerlessness and isolation that people affected by domestic violence are suffering during the current crisis.

Student Choice

Emma Jones

The judges felt that the nomination for Emma Jones wonderfully summed up the impact one student can have on others. It demonstrated a dedication to support the students around her which really moved the judges. The nomination epitomised what the student choice award is about and we were delighted to be able to recognise Emma in this way.


The following awards will be announced later on this year, but nominations are still OPEN for these awards.


Volunteering Award


Volunteering Award

This award recognises a student or group of students who have shown dedication to volunteering across the year.

The student or group will have shown enthusiasm and commitment. They have had a significant impact on the project or activity they have been working on. They may have raised a large amount of money, or encouraged others to get involved with volunteering.


Above and Beyond


Above and Beyond

This award celebrates a student who has gone above and beyond on their course, for their friends, within their community or in their sports team or society.

This award celebrates them putting dedication, enthusiasm and love into what they do. They are an exceptional student who deserves special recognition.