Exam Stress

Tips for managing exam stress:

1. Find a revision environment that works for you.

You might love revising in the library, or you might prefer to study at home, or even outside on a sunny day. 


2. Find a revision style that works for you.

Make a realistic plan that you can stick to. Some people like to study in silence, whilst some people like to listen to msuic. You might like making mind maps, colour coding your notes or using lists - whatever works for you. 


3. Don't less stress get on top of you.

Talk to family and friends if you're feeling stressed. There are lots of places at Brookes that you can get help. 


4. Take time to look after yourself.

Eat well, it might be tempting to live on a diet of coffee and biscuits, but it won't help in the long term. Try and get some exercise - even if it's just a quick walk outside. Get plenty of sleep. Schedule in plnety of breaks, time to relax, or do something you enjoy. 


5. Find out the details of your exams.

Find out well in advance where your exam is, when it is and what you need to bring with you - it will stop any last-minute panics. 


Where to find help and support:

Brookes Union Advice Service -  academic advice, mitigating circumstances, etc



01865 484 770


University Counselling Service - they can provide advice and support on stress or anxiety and offer various counselling services and self help resources.


01865 484 650


Student Central - offer a range of support from their teams. This includes programme advice, assistance with PIP and handling of student complaints or appeals.


01865 483 455


Student Support Coordinators - your faculty will have SSC’s who can provide help and advice.

Search ‘Student Support Coordinator’ on brookes.ac.uk


Library - subject specific staff are available to help you.



Nightline - a listening support and information service run for and by students.  


01865 270 270

(You can call them, Instant Message us and visit us at 16 Wellington Square, every night between 8pm and 8am)


Chaplaincy - prayer and quiet rooms available, and they can offer a sympathetic ear.


01865 484 690