Department Representatives

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The expectations of a Department Rep are:

  • Attend briefing meetings to University committees
  • Attend the Subject Committee meeting for their course
  • Collate Student feedback from Academic Rep meetings notes
  • Present relevant feedback to the Faculty committee meeting
  • Collect feedback from fellow Reps and students

If you are interested in any of the roles marked vacant, please email

Oxford Brookes Business School

Accounting, Finance and Economics Vacant    
Business Management Francoise Rodrigues 17104760 7984303938
Marketing Vacant    
Oxford School of Hospitality Elisa Orru 15049079  
Pathways Vacant    


Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Biological and Medical Sciences Michelle Basson 16086140 7456636606
Psychology, Health and Professional Development Natasha Bojanowski 17076003 7942188956
Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work Lucy Collecot 17043601 7760993487
Department of Nursing Janet Mowatt-Tomlinson 15129576 7864673595
Department of Midwifery, Community and Public Health Vacant    

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences   

School of Education Clarissa Caola 17032183 7588274868
English and Modern Languages Akeel Shah 16076928 7597332688
History, Philosophy and Culture Vacant    
School of Law Natasha Leigh Barclay 16010835 7551204717
Social Sciences Vacant    

Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment

School of Architecture M Ali Bakshi 17003739 7760482834
School of Arts (inc. Publishing) Katherine Bennett 17041155 7506133501
Engineering, Computing and Mathematics Nic Nanthacumar 17082260 7522524905
School of Built Environment Anthony Atkinson 15068698 07740001090



   Oxford Brookes International

Oxford Brookes International Vacant  



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