Election Results

The results of the elections for the full-time officer team 2017/18 are in. Thanks to all the candidates and everyone who voted. 



Diko Blackings


1584 students voted as follows:

Anh Nguyen 487

Dalila Lopes 461

Diko Blackings 571

Re-open Nominations 65


After re-allocating second and third preferences, Diko Blackings was elected


Vice President: Academic Experience

Harriet Cherry


1067 students voted, as follows:

Harriet Cherry 869

Re-open Nominations 198


Vice President: Welfare

Sam Cockle Hearne


1117 students voted, as follows:

Sam Cockle Hearne 937

Re-open Nominations 180


Vice President: Societies Development

Sharelle Holdsworth 


1399 students voted, as follows:

Stacy Blissett 569

Sharelle Holdsworth 743

Re-open Nominations 87



Nus Delegates

James Paton

Diko Blackings

Liam Astle

Jared Williams 

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