Below are details of the candidates in this year's election, along with their manifestos (what they say they will do if they win). Now is your chance to read and decide who you think will do the best job at leading your Union and representing your views.  


Disabled Students' Officer:

Roseanna Feltham - King

View manifesto 




Environmental Officer:

Oshin Whyte


D'Aundre Ryan



Ethnic Minority Students' Officer:


Afsana Begum

View manifesto


Karimot 'Dami' Oladokun

Manindervir Kaur

reccarnei phillipson

View manifesto

Tahir Ali

Vineeth Vijayakumar



International Students' Officer:



Celene Nelson

View manifesto


Christopher Kato Mpanga

View manifesto 


Pedro Santiago Da Costa Coutinho


Roman Bliscenko


LGBTQ+ Officer:

Annie Colyer

View manifesto


Casey Ingold

View manifesto


Liam Graham John Astle

View manifesto


Mature Students' Officer:

Christopher Sprules

Dawn Evans

View manifesto


Haddiya Asghar


Post-Graduate Students' Officer:

Abdul Yekeen

Mustapha Mahama


Women's Officer:

Becca Harrington

View manifesto


lujain kelani


Chair of Council:

Dario Celaschi

Mariam Diaby

View manifesto


Portfolio Officer Elections

Officers are ordinary students who put themselves forward to lead Brookes Union. They are the voice of students. 

Portfolio Officers exist to represent the view of students with areas of specific interest, and who may be underrepresented within the University or the wider community. Students in these roles might run campaigns, or a series of events, which are of special interest to the group of students they represent. Portfolio Officers are expected to meet with, and consult with, the students they represent. 

These are voluntary, part-time roles that fit around studies. Training is provided and a team of expert staff are on hand to support campaigns and activities. 

The RAG President leads on fundraising for charities, whilst the Environmental Officer leads on Environmental issues. You can also nominate yourself for Chair of Council. 



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