The votes are in, this is your officer team for next year:

Harry Bower


Harry Bower


My names Harry Bower and I’m running to be the president of your students union 


I’m 23 years old and have recently completed my degree in mechanical engineering. Over the course of my degree I’ve learnt a lot about the everyday needs of the 18,000 students at Brookes and want to help make the changes we need to get the most out of the university experience. 


For the last year I’ve served as your Vice President of Academic Experience. In that time we have achieved amazing things, whether that be a change to the resits policy, an enforcement of the digital hand in policy, a change to Wednesday afternoon timetabling to allow more people to engage in extra curricular activities and securing a significant role in the future of catering at Brookes.


Now I’m asking you to allow me to keep working on the issues that affect students on a daily basis.


If elected this is what I want to achieve 


  • Mental health awareness and support campaigns across the university 
  • A campaign promoting safer streets in Oxford through lobbying the council to improve infrastructure around campus 
  • The continued growth of the housing campaign so to continue to pressure landlords on their ill practice 
  • Continue the review of mitigating circumstances and campaign for centralising the process to get more consistency 
  • Campaign for the implementation of the digital submissions policy at partner colleges 
  • Training of welfare officers in all sports teams and societies so to help support students more effectively 
  • Campaign for improved bus services to support the capacity of the new halls being built 
  • Work to have exam times adjusted to make commuting to and from exams more efficient 


If you have any questions or suggestions on things you’d like me to campaign for please don’t hesitate to contact me ( or stop me for a chat. 





Vice President: Academic Experience



Who Am I?

My name is Maxwell Stewart, I am a third year International Relations and Politics student.     I’m the chap that sits at the front and asks all the questions; you know, “that guy”, that really annoying guy. But before I came to Brookes, I wasn’t “that guy”. Before I came to Brookes, I was the kind of student that pissed about and generally didn’t give a sh*t. But now I do. Now I really do give a sh*t. Oxford Brookes University has given me a love for learning that I never thought was possible. A love and passion for my subject that inspires me to achieve my best. Now I want to use that passion to provide some real representation to Brookes students. I would use that same passion for academia that Brookes gave me to represent the wants and needs of all of you; making the £9250+ they charge each and everyone of us worth the money.

What Is My Experience?

During My Second Year:

  • Com Sec of the OBSU Tabletop Gaming Society (Yay board games!)

  • Speaker of the House for the Oxford Brookes Conservative Association (Don’t let that turn you off)

  • Social Secretary for Oxford Brookes Archery (Who doesn’t like archery?)

During My Third Year:

  • President for the OBSU Tabletop Gaming Society (El Presidente of board games!)

  • VP of the Oxford Brookes Conservative Association (I promise, I really am nice!)

  • Committee for the Oxford Brookes Liberal Democrats (I have no idea where I sit politically!!)

  • Chair of the Oxford Brookes Student Union council (Keeping the union in check)

Outside of Uni, I have been campaigning all year to help get Brookes Students get Life Membership at the Oxford Union Society; through my position as “Brookes Officer” at the Oxford Union I am aiming to have fully achieved this by the start of the next academic year!

What Do I Hope to Achieve?

  • Lecture Capture! (Video/Audio Record Lectures)

    • Why does such a modern university, that we all pay an enormous amount of money for the privilege of attending, not offer some means of recording the lectures!?

    • The PowerPoint is the skeleton of the lecture and in no way an acceptable substitute for those that legitimately cannot attend.

      • We Deserve Better!

  • Overhaul MitCircs! (Extensions)

    • Whether you feel they are given too freely, or not freely enough, the process of applying for Mitigating Circumstances is not very accessible. Coming from a chap that lost his Grandad in his first year, should you find yourself in that kind of position (as many of us do) it becomes clear how much of an issue it can be.          

      • We Deserve Better!

It’s worth saying that I have a few more ideas, but unfortunately no more space to say them. But I am not just here to push what I believe is Best for Brookes. I am here to Represent YOU, so if you have any ideas don’t hesitate to let me know! You can usually find me in the Clerici building doing essays but if you would rather you can message me on Facebook @Maxwell Quinn Stewart.

TL;DR - Vote Maxwell, Because We Deserve Better! 😊


Matthew Plowman

Vice President Society Development

Matthew Plowman


Matthew Plowman for VP Societies Development

The guy in the dinosaur costume

Hey there, my name is Matthew Plowman and I am running for the position of VP Societies Development. I am a final year Sports Coaching and Rehabilitation student. I am a qualified sports massage therapist and fitness coach, and sports instructor. I often stand up for the rights of women, transgender individuals and those suffering with mental health. I have always been involved with societies, right from my first year of university when I decided to open my own society, which has since become a huge success. I have been working closley with the current VP of societies to gain a better understanding of the union and how to run events like those this year. I feel that I have the necessary skills and knowledge to keep improving what the current VP of socieities has built and done so far this year.

Being in my final year I know what it is like to be in my first – second – and third year, and I have many ideas, that can benefit all students, regardless of their year! Societies and university social activities aren’t for one set of students, they are for all. I believe that being part of a society helps you gain so many skills beyond that of just the societies, and taking part in activities around university can make you more comfortable and enjoy your time at university more so. I want to be the voice of societies; standing up for what you want and helping you get everything you can from your student union.

My Experience

I have experience in running events, campaigning, and working with people from all different backgrounds and of all ages. I worked as a representative for young people at a children’s after-school activities company. I also have experience as a student rep. These experiences I have gained interpersonal skills, confidence, and a strong head for debating for things that I believe are right. Alongside this, I have been in constant contact with our student union from my first year, who has helped me tremendously through supporting me in the development and running of my society. I believe that these skills and experiences make me the ideal candidate for the position of VP societies development.

What I aim to do if elected

If I get elected there are so many things I would like to do, including:

  • Up-scaling freshers fair, making it bigger and better with more activities going on around arrivals week.
  • Create an online forum/space where societies can contact one and other more easily, to discuss anything from room bookings, to working together on an event.
  • Hold regular events for students, such as the self-defence classes, and quiz nights this previous year.
  • Increase skills learnt through societies that can be transferred to work related skills and experiences.
  • Help courses gain more from their time at university, through involvement in events such as working with our tech team to increase on the go experience.
  • Bring back re-freshers fair and make the start of semester two a bigger and more important time of the year.
  • I would like to free up Wednesday afternoons for sports and society activities.


I believe that we can make a difference with the university experience for all students, regardless of gender, age, or drinking capabilities!

Thank you all for your support!



Vice President: Welfare



I am Daisy Hopkins and I'm running to be YOUR next Vice President Welfare.

To get a feel for who you're voting for, here’s a bit about me:

I started at Oxford Brookes on the Life Sciences foundation year and then embarked onto a Medical Science degree in which I graduate from in June (exciting!).

Throughout my time at Brookes I have immersed myself into university life and got involved with as much as possible, making the most of what in hindsight, has been a very short four years!

During my time at Brookes I have played rugby for OBUWRFC, been a student ambassador for several years, and I am also a warden at Crescent Hall. One of my biggest involvements has been with the Safety Bus, in which I have been a prominent member since my first year. I’m proud to say I even won Safety Bus driver of the year at the 2018 Union awards - so you may understand why my friends like to call me the ‘Safety Bus Queen’!

If you were to ask me for three facts about me unrelated to the university, they would be:

  • I have a dog called Spot (original, I know!)

  • I am a volunteer for St John Ambulance

  • I have an unhealthy obsession with the colour pink!

So... that’s me in a nutshell!

To save the spiel of promises, I want you to instead understand what I am passionate about: sustaining and improving student welfare across OBU. I truly believe that through this, it is only then that we can build on a strong foundation.

I endeavor to: 

Ensure the implementation of sustainable service.

Whether this remains in the current form of the Safety Bus or perhaps a different service, a priority of mine is ensuring safe travel at night for our students in Oxford.

Continue to build on providing unwavering support for Mental Health.

Both the Union and Brookes have worked upon building an environment where our students feel supported in the matters they have. However, this still has room for improvement, and I am passionate about providing service and support to tackle the issues and needs that many students face, especially when it comes to mental health. I also endeavor to create an environment at OBU that can tackle the taboo and stigma surrounding mental health issues, for our students to take forward into their everyday lives, both in and outside of the university.

Campaign for open communication and transparency!

Communication is key.

Campaign to make Oxford Brookes campuses accessible for ALL.

I am aware we cannot magic more space on campus, but I no longer want to get here unnecessarily early in the mornings to guarantee a seat in the library – if I am struggling, so are others. I believe the space we already have can be used more effectively especially in and around busy semesters times such as exams.


Support the other officers in their work as well as the University’s welfare teams and empower the working together of the Union team to best be able to represent the students at Oxford Brookes.


If elected, be rest assured that the role will be in capable hands. My interest and passion lies with the welfare of the student body (physically, psychologically and emotionally). I will try my best to fulfill and represent the interests of all students at Oxford Brookes as well as playing a role in creating a relationship with the wider community.

Your support in this change I hope can (and will) make a huge difference.

Thank you.


Mani Kaur

BAME Students' Officer

Mani Kaur


Equality. Diversity. Empowerment.


Who am I?

Hello, my name is Manindervir Kaur, I’m currently a second year Nursing student. During my time at Oxford Brookes, whilst being a long-term member of Brookes Union, I have observed that the university has not been completely successful in their attempts to accommodate students deriving from BAME backgrounds. As the Ethnic Minority Officer, the opportunity to have a seat on the Student Council would allow me to ensure that those particular set of students, including myself, have an equal representation at the university.


What I am focusing on?

If I am elected as your Ethnic Minorities Officer, I will aim to do the following:

  • Ethnic minority, global majority- work towards facilitating inclusive services at Brookes. A recent study taken from BAME focus groups, which focused on their attainment gap, showed that these students, more often than not, do not feel fully integrated or represented at university. By working closely with societies and teaching staff alike, I hope to create more inclusive spaces for BAME students  — increasing cultural competence will develop non-BAME students’ understanding, and helping societies to recognise the needs of BAME students —  such as offering non-drinking events.


  • BAME Alumni– BAME students who have already graduated from university often find it extremely difficult when seeking employment —- this is due to a fear of discrimination. One solution to this issue is through the creation of a ‘BAME Brookes Alumni Group’ — this will provide a support network within the community. In addition to this, there is also the potential for a ‘Brookes BAME Staff Network’ —  this will create role models for BAME students, and it is essential because they may not be able to find this type of representation elsewhere!


  • Work with societies to offer programmes which offer inspiration– Collaborating with both existing student officers and society leaders to set up events and arrange socials across the university. This will unite all the minorities and it will also provide a valuable link with the international students — both sets of students will have the chance to celebrate different cultures and take part in festivals. I hope to liaise with all of the societies and expand them by merging them together with the BAME alumni group — as I mentioned previously, this will allow for positive role models for BAME students that represent them.


  • Multi-cultural Events- Using the promotion of Black History Month by expanding its coverage to Asian and Caribbean communities to recognise their contribution to Britain’s ‘island story’ — this emphasises the importance of multiculturalism within the university.


Why you should choose me?

I am a very open and friendly individual, and I believe that people would find it very comfortable to approach me with any issues they have. If elected I will be receptive to ideas from students that will enable us to work together with Brookes Union and discuss how we can improve the everyday experience of BAME students here at Oxford Brookes.


Sean Keeley

Chair of Council

Sean Keeley



Hello everyone.

I think you should elect me as your Chair of Council. I have had a year's experience after being elected president in 2018 and I think I am well equipped to hold to account the Union’s executives, and build policy.

As chair you can’t promise much change in an election process as you are asking for student to trust your judgement along the way. However, I am committed to student safety and will work tirelessly, as I already have to ensure that the University and public bodies put student safety at the forefront of their work.

Elect me as your Chair of Council today!



Disabled Students' Officer



I have decided to apply for the position of Disability Officer as I am passionate about removing barriers and promoting inclusion for all students regardless of having a disability. I am  studying  Special Educational Needs, Disabilities and Inclusion at the university, which widens my knowledge of current legislations and encourages me to critically consider important issues which affect individuals with a wide spectrum of needs. I also have a disability which has made me aware of several strategies which  support disabled students by promoting inclusion. I have excellent communication skills, this is reflected by my involvement in the Oxford Brookes E-mentoring scheme.  I believe that I would provide an important voice for all students. To view my Brookes Profile, please click here

If elected, I aim to: 

1. Raise the profile of the Wellbeing services, through actively promoting Mental Health and disability-related events. 
2. Create and implement a personal and tailored fitness program to support individuals with disabilities to gain fitness.
3. Make every campus more accessible to all students, especially disabled individuals. This will be achieved through room allocations being made sooner, so that students can raise concerns, if the room is not accessible. It is important to note that Harcourt Hill only has a limited number of lifts and rooms can be on the other side of campus
4. Create a “Give up your Brookes Bus seat” badge scheme

5. Provide more lecture capture facilities across all campuses to ensure that students can focus on the lectures and not worry about missing notes.

6. Increase the number of accessible halls across the university. 



Environmental Officer



In todays day and age, we as a species face an unprecidented threat that is already begining to reshape and affect the world. This threat being global warming, and the effects therefore of. UN appointed scientists have given us a maximum of 12 years to 'fix up', or warn the earth will be repainted an apocolyptic wasteland. I don't know about you but I would rather I didn't become a living cast member of Mad Max. We have a choice to become more responsible and help the world that sustains us, or ignore the blatant warnings from schoars and mother nature, and add wood to the evergrowing fire. Make no mistake, we all bleed the same blood and breathe the same air. We're all in the same boat. 

I have seen many positive changes across the university that promotes environmental health, such as the reduction of single use plastics in the restauraunts and the introduciton of mixed recycling bins across the univeristies campus', however, there is more that we can do. I care greatly about the enivonrment, and as environmental officer, I aim to:

  1. Help to cut the universitys carbon footprint and wastage output by overseeing union projects and events to ensure they are as sustainable as possible.
  2. Work with the university restaraunts, union bar and sports bar to investigate the possibility of adding more vegan and vegetarian produce to the menus (Fact: Meat and dairy produce is thee number 1 contributor to greenhouse gasses through dairy and meat production)
  3. Campaign throughout the university campus' to increase awarness of climate change and how individuals can adapt their lifstyles to cut their footprint and become 'more green'
  4. Contact and work with other univeristies and their green ambasadors to colloborate on campaigns, events and generate ideas together

No matter how small the actions, together, our change can better our future. Together, we can make our univeristy and our planet more environmentally friendly and contribute to the reversal of the effects of global warming. Please vote for me, to represent green. ROBERT ALEXANDER. Thank you.


Julian Philipp

International Students' Officer

Julian Philipp


Hi there, I am Julian and just recently started my postgraduate programme in International Hospitality, Events and Tourism Management. I am 27 years young, from Germany and really passionate about leadership and social commitment. Throughout the past years I've been committed to numerous student or social initiatives as a Press Officer, Assessor or member of the Executive Board. My most valuable experience was being Local Committee President at the world's largest student organisation AIESEC and German Entity Representative at AIESEC International Congress 2014.


As an International Student's Officer at Brookes Union, I would put my experience into practice to be the best possible voice for international students at Oxford Brookes. I am always grateful to deepen my knowledge and use positive or negative feedback to grow within my role. My promise to you is:

  • to always take my time to listen to your ideas, opinions and issues,
  • to make sure that all you share with me will be heard in meetings and councils,
  • to do my best to fight for your ideas and solve your issues,
  • to be an active, reliable and dedicated member of Brookes Union.


LGBT Students' Officer



🏳️‍🌈Vote Celine For LGBTQ+ Officer 19/20 🏳️‍🌈

Hey guys,

Having been previously elected as your LGBTQ+ officer (Term 18/19), there are still issues around LGBTQ+ still need to be address and would love to continue my work and achieve my goals. As an officer, I have increased the engagement of LGBTQ+ students by running successful socials, including gaining popular sponsorships such as Thirst and Plush, and running other big events like the Drag show that occurred recently, which is part of the LGBTQ+ month celebration. Not just that, as well as finding information for LGBTQ+ students – that wasn’t available at the time, for example easy access for LGBTQ+ student to legally change their names by contacting

If you re-elect me as your LGBTQ+ student’s officer. I would like to continue to increase the engagement between the students and I. In addition, to providing more variety of activities for LGBTQ+ students. As well as, addressing other LGBTQ+ issues such as a more inclusive LGBTQ+ community in our university – as inclusivity of the lgbtq+ community in our university is a major problem right now. I want LGBTQ+ students of Brookes to feel more connected, safe and feel at home during their university experience. 

Finally, to run future successful campaigns which surrounds issues of LGBTQ+ students – especially touching on stereotypes of being an LGBTQ+, trans issues, and mental health & wellbeing of students. As I’ve been successfully selected by Stonewall (A well-known LGBTQ+ charity and campaigner) to join their BAME LGBTQ+ Role model Programme, which I will use to further cover issues surrounding LGBTQ+ issues by creating useful connections and to discover practical ways of creating successful campaigns for term 19/20.  

Being an LGBTQ+ officer this year and being openly gay at Oxford Brookes, has taught me it can be very daunting and intimidating, especially when you don’t have a role model to look up to, particularly when you are not out the closet. Thus, to be re-elected I want to be that source of help and guidance for LGBTQ+ students who are not out yet and other students that are in need of support.


Much Love,

🏳️‍🌈 Celine 🏳️‍🌈


Josephine Bushby

NUS Delegate

Josephine Bushby


Hiya! I'm Josephine, Vice-President for Societies Development at Brookes.

If you were curious, I'm a graduate of Sociology, with a minor in Communication, Media and Culture. Prior to being elected, I worked as a swimming coach, a receptionist, a journalist and photographer, an editor, a florist, a waitress and a bouncer, amongst other things.

During my studies, I got involved as an Academic Rep for my course, and was on the committee of one of the biggest societies at Brookes. For what it's worth, I can also juggle, peel satsumas in one go, and am great at colour coordinating.  

Alas, humour isn’t my strong point, however, getting involved with the Union was one of the best decisions of my university life, and I still feel hugely privileged to have been elected VP. In my role, I have gained an understanding of key issues, as well as governance structures both within SUs and the higher education sector.

I have spent my term engaging with and learning to effectively represent the student voice, and wish to go on to do so on a national level at the NUS National Conference.



NUS Delegate





Harry Bower

NUS Delegate

Harry Bower


The NUS is currently in a significant funding crisis which threatens its ability to represent current and future students.

We need to send delegates who will represent the interests of not only current students but the students of the future.

That is why I feel a delegate with experience within the NUS is required.

Vote Harry Bower #1 for NUS Delegate 




NUS Delegate



The NUS conference is a key lead decision making body that shapes student representation nationally. It is important that Brookes send delegates with experiance of the current representation system in order to get our voices heard and make a postive contribution. 



Chris Esser

Post Graduates Students' Officer

Chris Esser




Nobody will be left behind

I will care that everybody will complete the MA successfully. Therefore, I will organize a twin-scheme. With the help of this twin-scheme strong students will be twinned with weak students, international students with British ones so that we can help each other. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG


Social gathering

I will organize a social gathering once a month where post graduates can meet other post graduates, can discuss their problems, can have fun and even can make friends, maybe even for a life time. No postgraduate should be buried in the student accommodation or cut off from social life by their families.  



Riverboat Party

I will organize a black-tie riverboat party on the Thames with a life jazz band for the end of the academic year. This event will become the climax of your MA.



Who is "I will ..."?

 Well, it's me, CHRIS ESSER.I am a MA student in Creative Writing. This is already my third MA, one form the University of Oxford and one form our beloved Brookes. Here I was already elected as a Mature Students' Officer.  

I helped the mature and the post graduate students to survive. I was fighting that nobody was left behind.

I was also fighting to install the post of a Post Graduate Students' Officer. And now we have got it. GREAT. 

And I installed the magnificent black tie RIVERBOAT party on the Thames at the end of the academic year. It was the climax of the year for many post graduate students. In our posh dresses we danced to the music of Brookes big jazz band. This was simply heaven. I will install this RIVERBOAT party again. Guys, you will love it.

The only thing you have to do is to vote me

Chris Esser

 as your 

Post Graduate Students' Officer



RAG President



I am a second year events management student keen to make the university’s raise and give comitee better and in turn find fun ways to raise money for some amazing charities  

I aim to:

- plan run and deliver at least 3 fun raising events each semester across the university. 

- engage and encourage more student to get involved in the fundraising and promote these opportunities to all 

- create fun events across the university which are inclusive, raise money for charity and improve the university’s raise and give status. 



Sports Officer



Hi Everyone!

My name is Nick and I am running for re-election as your Brookes Union Sports officer!

I have worked hard over the past year to make sure that you are represented to the University. 

One of my big successes was getting a new set of American Football helmets. The team were in desperate need of new helmets and I worked with the Full-Time Officers to make it happen!

I want to work hard to make sure that your kit is right for you. I know how hard it is to stay with the Brookes kit and following a consultation with committees I want to make sure that your kit is fit for your club.

I also want to work towards more social funding from the University for Sports Teams so we can have socials in good and safe venues.

I also want to make sure that sports teams have the right equipment so they can practice and play to a high standard. This is so important and that is why I want to commit time to making sure that you have the right equipment to play any sport at Brookes.

I want to make sure that your kit can be stored safety too, I will actively lobby the University to make sure they are providing the best kit storage for clubs so they can be supported throughout the year.

I've got some great ideas, and I am really open, grab me for a chat anytime.

All the best, Nick



Women's Officer



Second year International Relations and Business Management student.


I am very passionate about women's equality, so my central aim with this position is to ensure that all women are safe on campus, can access their required services and have equal representation as men.


Bucket List:

  • Work to have more female authors on the reading list
  • Bring more awareness to the issue of sexual violence and domestic violence
  • Help reteach ideas on consent and control
  • Ensure current sexual violence reporting system runs smoothly
  • Work with BAME officer to amplify the voices of women of colour
  • Work with the univeristy to help bring justice where needed


I hope to use this position improve the university experience of women of all races, religions and nationalities. I hope to also get men involved in consent camapaigns as well as get them on board to relearn ideas on being in control. I intend to ensure no discrimination against women is tolerated, create a safer space in the university, and tackle any other outstanding issues women at the univeristy face.


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