Nominations process

Every year, students put themselves forward for the job of a Student Officer, or RAG (Raise and Give) President. Students in these roles influence the decisions made within the Union for a fixed term of one-year, with a scope to run for a second term of office.

Officers are ordinary students who put themselves out there to represent the views of Brookes' students. They are the voice of students. The elected officer team will set the direction of the Union, decide on policies and run campaigns to improve life for students at Brookes.


The nomination process:

In order to nominate yourself, you will need to create an account for the Brookes Union website, if you haven’t already done so.

Once you have created an account, follow this link to the nominations page. If you have any issues with this process, please email 



Is this for me?

Yes! Any student can nominate themselves for one of these positions. We want Brookes Union to be as representative of the student body as possible, and for that we need you. It doesn't matter whether you love what we do, or whether you think it could be improved, this is your chance to make your mark. As an Officer you will gain invaluable new experiences and skills. 

Find out why previous officers loved their jobs!

Make your CV stand out!

  • Gain new and invaluable experiences;
  • This is a rare opportunity to be in charge of a £1million+ organisation;
  • Network with elected officers across the country, and be part of a national student voice;
  • Make a real difference to life at Brookes - from improving graduations to saving students money from hidden course costs, Reps and Officers have been instrumental in improving the student experience at Brookes. 

Other information: 

Download an expenses form here. 

View  a Candidates pack here

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