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We think it's important to work towards sustainability, and this is one of the reasons we commit to electing an Environmental Officer each year.
We currently hold a Silver NUS Green Impact Award, and are working towards a Gold (or 'Excellent' as it will soon be known). 

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The Story so Far...

We've implemented the following initiatives: 

  • Been annually audited to identify the priority aspects of our activities, in terms of the environment.
  • Conducted an annual Environmental Audit and acted on recommendations to reduce our operational impact. Actions taken as a result of these audits include:
    • Reducing waste, through banning plastic bags at freshers' fair and distributing free Brookes Union bags for life.
    • Reviewing waste segregation within office spaces and introducing dedicated battery, print cartridge and food waste facilities. 
    • Implementing an automatic shut down system on all office PCs.
    • Decommissioning unnecessary light fixtures.
    • Creating Vacation time shutdown plans to ensure all equipment is off during holidays.
    • Committing to only using Fairtrade tea and coffee within our offices.
    • Committing to only using recycled paper within our offices 
  • Supported the University’s Feel Good Festival that promoted more sustainable lifestyles.
  • Developed and implemented an Ethical and Environmental Policy.

Our audit from 2016/17 can be found here.

We were delighted to have initially achieved a NUS Green Impact Bronze award in our first year, and to have since improved this in achieving a Silver award, which reflected our dedication to positive environmental action in the 2015/16 academic year.

But we're not stopping there! We're determined to continue to improve our performance and have had aspirations to achieve an Excellent accreditation by 2020.

NUS has changed the format of the award in 2016/17, moving the focus more towards the delivery of campaigns. And we're really excited to have had a really knowledgeable and passionate team of students working with us this year.  The other major change to the awards in 2017 is that they move away from being so connected to the operational running of the students' union and are more about student-led campaigns. We were required to run one major campaign in this academic year, which has a positive environmental impact at Brookes.

This year our major campaign aimed to reduce waste from single-use coffee cups on campus. You can read a blog from our Environmental Officer, Oli Barnes, explaining more about the campaign here

And the full report from the campaign is available here.


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