Anime Society

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Welcome to the Oxford Brookes Anime Society. Here, anime fans of all backgrounds, both new and experienced can come together and watch anime at our regular film screenings. We also hold discussions regarding anime at our screenings, on our Facebook group, and Discord server - where you will also find updates on what films we're watching, and other anime and society-related content, such as announcements, videos, events posted by our fellow members and committee members. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask on our Facebook page, or ask any of our committee members. 


Current Committee

President - Ryan Jones

Shadow President - Nicholas Ford

Vice President - Callum Conroy

Discord Mod - Louis David

Treasurer - Jonathan Schneider

King Of Games - Cameron Sapstead

Social Secretary - Archie Payne

Upcoming Events

Meetups every Thursday and Friday on our Discord Server at 18:00

Link to our Facebook page. 

Brookes Anime Society Facebook Page

Link to our discord server: