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The Assassins Society offers members the opportunity to meet new people and take part in a wide variety of games based on the concept of ‘killing’ your enemies through various means, such as stabbing with paper daggers, shooting with nerf guns and writing poison on drinks.

Who is the society for?

Anyone looking to have some fun and meet new people without interrupting their studies.

Our activities:

We currently host one game of "Assassins" every year. To break this up, we also hold numerous mini-games throughout the year such as Hunger Games, VIP, Capture The Flag and more! We also hold semi-regular Varsity games with the Oxford Assassins Society.

We hold social events on a regular basis where the activity is usually decided by poll on our Facebook group! We like to think we are a very active society and this helps keep everyone that's a member informed on our activities.

Our committee:

President - Ben Jones

Treasurer - Nicky Beckman

Socials - Kayleigh Hawkins

Join us:

New members will be charged £4 for membership which includes a wristband, access to the main game and all other events the society run.

Returning members will be charged £1 for a year extentsion to their membership. (If they still have their old wristband.)

Replacement wristbands are £1 each, but you will have to contact a guild member to arrange this.

After paying your membership fee please email us at the address below and we'll get you all set up in the game!

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