Biomedical Science Society

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Interested in sex and drugs? Well, genetics and medicine if you want to be fancy.


Welcome to the BioMed Society, where we combine the best of social and science. 

Our aim is to create an enjoyable environment where students have the opportunity to meet fellow course mates, discuss their course, pick up tips and advice from more senior students and provide opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities - in both educational and social events.


The last couple of years have yielded a huge success for the society. Our Christmas socials where both a massive hit among the students and the odd lecturer or two have been known to join us. We have had successful workshops which included a course related used book sale and have planned fantastic lunch appointments with the BMS seminar guest speakers. 


What society would be complete without frequenting some local pubs and clubs to unwind after that hefty assignment or exam? We have also been known to participate in some ice skating at the local rink. With these socials occurring throughout the year alongside BBQs in warmer weather our society is a fantastic way to meet new people at university. 


Our committee are approachable and friendly. We work hard to organise our countless events and enjoy our involvement in the society. We're here to help give you the best University experience possible, so if there's anything we can do for you, we'll always do our best! Welcome to Oxford Brookes, we look forward to meeting you. 


Students from all courses welcome. Join here to email receive updates about events.

Join our Facebook page (our main form of communication) to stay up to date on events:

Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions, we're a nice bunch really (and not that weird, I promise).