Biomedical Science Society

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Welcome to The Biomedical Science Society, the leading association for students interested in the world of Health Science.

We plan on undertaking a variety of online events to enrichen your hunger for knowledge in a diverse collection of fields of research, career paths, medical talks and much more! Not only academic, but we are also planning social events both online (pub quizzes, minigames, gaming and more) and potentially physical/ in person occasions, COVID guidelines permitting. The Buddies Programme will continue this year and will be coordinated online. This is where a 2nd or 3rd year student will take a fellow 1st year student under their wing to help them in the transition in entering the university environment. It helps both the tutor and student to develop new skills in coaching, development and communication.

This year will be very different due to circumstances, and we are sad to not offer you as much as we would like. However, that does not mean we won’t try and make this year as interactive and compelling as previous years. It enables us to be creative, inventive and optimistic, which is what we need in this time of difficultly. We can’t wait to meet or reacquaint with you! Take care and stay safe

Best wishes

Biomed Committee


Students from all courses welcome. Join here to email receive updates about events.

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