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Oxford Brookes Jazz Society is open to everyone, we offer a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for musicans or otherwise to perform and appreciate jazz music.


The society has two bands one of which, our big band, which performs jazz from Benny Goodman's early swing all the way through to Earth Wind & Fire's upbeat funk, there will definitely be something for you! We meet in the Richard Hamilton Building, room B.10 (basement), Wednesday's 6-8pm.


The other, our small band, performs regularly across Oxford at events and gigs, specialising in funk and more challenging popular charts from the likes of Stevie Wonder and Lucky Chops.


Both ensembles have opportunities to perform at various functions in and around Oxford, in 2013/2014, OBSUJazz Society won the SU award for Best Event. Feel free to email any queries.



e: 17060016@brookes.ac.uk (2019-20)