Friday 04-11-2016 - 01:07

Liam Astle

If I was elected to this position I would fulfil this role by:

If elected as Communications Secretary I would seek to work with the whole committee, in order to ensure that the society has a clear message and a clear direction with its social media approach. Knowing what we need to prioritize as a society allows us to get the message out to more and more students and improve our participation.

I would ensure that minutes were taken at every meeting to ensure there’s a clear record of ideas which the society can refer to in the future, but also to ensure all committee members are held accountable.

I will improve the society over the coming year by:

As previously mentioned, I’d work with the whole committee to create a social media approach which gives members a clear idea of what we have going on. Regular and consistent updates via emails and social media accounts are needed to keep our members updated and our information accessible to all. That way our events are attended by a wider group of students outside the regular individuals who attend.

But on top of this we need to improve upon our current methods, as well as making them more regular and broad. A twitter account which is regularly updated with pictures from events and information with what we have going on, is a necessary part of any social media approach. Furthermore, I would use mailchimp in tandem with gmail, which gives us more tools to use when we get our updates to people’s inboxes. This allows us to professionalise how we approach updates.


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