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Thursday 03-11-2016 - 20:06

Lydia Dungey

If I was elected to this position I would fulfil this role by:

I will ensure that the Society provides a community for all students at Brookes, regardless of their gender, expression, sexual or romantic orientation. To achieve this I will cooperate with the entire committee, Student Union, Campaigns Forum, and the LGBTQ+ Officer. With this support, and building on my experience as Social Secretary, I will continue to organise a wide range of events in order to foster a community for LGBTQ+ students.

I have attended every social this semester and engaged with many members. I will continue to do this as President, and ensure that Brookes LGBTQ+ students feel they are respected, represented, and have a voice in the wider Brookes community.


I will improve the society over the coming year by:

I believe that the Society should have regular committee meetings where members would be welcome to voice their ideas and concerns. This would help to create a more open Society where members could feel comfortable contacting committee members for advice etc.

I will ensure that the Society provides a range of more inclusive events so that it is accessible to all members. I feel it is important that the Society holds one non-drinking event per event involving alcohol. As Social Secretary, I personally organised talk events (National Coming Out Day; Christian Approaches), non-drinking socials (Brunch; Poetry Night; 'The Rocky Horror Show' trip), and led drinking socials (fortnightly trips to Jolly Farmers and Plush). The Society will continue to host events like these with me as President.

To enable the Brookes LGBTQ+ community to become involved with the wider LGBTQ+ community, I will build links with nearby Universities, and Oxford Pride. This will help to develop a wider range of events, including trips and joint socials.



Tom Franklin

If I was elected to this position I would fulfil this role by:

I would fulfil this role by making sure that everybody in the society has a voice and that it is heard by the university; whilst making regular contact with the LGBT Officer to ensure the safety of the students and involving everybody in all of our society meetings so that they know what is happening throughout the year. Keeping up the links between the society and the LGBTQ+ Group set up by welfare to ensure we can campaign for a more inclusive university. I will also maintain the links with other universities and organisations that I have made as the current president of the LGBTQ+ that will allow us to travel to different places and attend many events.


I will improve the society over the coming year by:

I will improve the society over the coming year by making more links between the society and other universities and organisations; making sure all the needs of current students are catered for by running all different kinds of socials whilst backing up any student that may have any problems to make sure they have not been targeted in any way; and to carry on listening to the voices of every student whether it be positive or negative feedback and making sure it is taken on-board and that the relevant actions are taken from it.

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