Paramedic Society

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Welcome to the Oxford Brookes Paramedic Society! 

Welcome to all the new first years, and welcome back to everyone else. We’re really looking forward to the coming year of events, both academic and social!

The society have been working hard to organise some great things, first up…



 19th September- ParaSoc Freshers Social (open to all years!)

2nd October- Wilderness Medicine CPD Lecture

2nd October- ParaSoc ParaPal Social

12th and 19th October- British Sign Language Course (with qualification certificate)

16th October - Lets Talk About Death - End of Life Care

23rd October- Ambulance Orientation CPD

28th November- ParaSoc Winter Ball Social

16th October - Let's Talk About Death CPD Day



 8th April- Time Critical CPD Day

18th and 19th April- Wilderness Medicine Weekend Away (CPD)



This year the society are wanting to support students even more around their studies. In such a demanding course both academically and practically it can be good to have someone to call when things get tough. We’ve set up a ‘ParaPals' scheme, where first year students are matched up with second and third year ‘pals’ who’ve been through the worries of starting placement for the first time, a bad job, an essay crisis – all the usual. The idea is that theres always a completely neutral person to ask for help and advice separately from the university.


Join the society for membership benefits such as exclusive events and discount on CPD!