In order to help us to provide the most appropriate support and oversight for societies we operate a system of tiering. The system is designed to make sure that we have the information and ability to do best by you and use our resources in a way that is most effective for our members. All Groups affiliated to Brookes Union will have access to:


  • Freshers Fairs.
  • Union and University room bookings.
  • Basic staff advice and support.
  • Will be able to put forward proposals to host One World Week and Arrivals week events.


Below are the levels of the tiering system and what is entailed by all. Please be aware that this isn’t an application process and that all societies who meet the requirements for a tier will have access to the benefits. 

Tier 1

This provides societies with the maximum amount of support in terms of staff time and  Finance but also places the most requirements on societies. It ideal for large societies planning big activities with high expenditure and or lots of organisation. To be eligible you need to meet the following requirements


  • Charge a membership fee of £3 which must be made available on the website.
  • Banking with the Union
  • A Minimum committee size of 3
  • Running elections as part of Union election week. In order to do this you will need to manage your membership list through the website.
  • Providing an event plan at the start of semester including Budgets, Room bookings and any external speakers
  • You must submit event proposals for One World Week and Arrivals week. Applications will be sent to you.


In return you get:

  • Access to grants of up to 50% the cost of your events
  • Banking support
  • Agreed budgets underwritten by the union- You aren’t liable for costs as an individual.

Tier 2

This level of support is right for smaller groups looking to do lower cost more ad hoc activity. There isn’t as much upfront planning required but you still have access to the same level of staff support. Whilst there is less access to grant funding this level of support allows societies and their committees more flexibility and removes the requirements to put forward specific proposals. The requirements are;

  • You must hold committee elections in a way in which we can verify the results.
  • You must have a committee of a minimum of 2.
  • You must bank with either the Union or the university.
  • You must provide us with budget forms at least 2 weeks before a planned activity and 4 weeks where expenditure exceeds £500.


In return you get:

  • Access to up to 20% grant funding for your events
  • Banking support
  • Agreed budgets underwritten by the union- You aren’t liable for costs as an individual


Associated Student Group


This is designed to support groups put on activity without forcing them into a specific leadership structure or to hold elections.Whilst the union will still offer staff support and advice, Associated student groups won’t have access to financial support. Banking will be available and if used the same requirements for budgets will be placed on these ghese groups as tier 2 societies.


Registered Groups


These are groups that are affiliated or part of other, external groups. This could be a charity or religious group that.

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