Societies Elections

Election Guidance

For your society to remain registered in the next academic year, you must ensure that you have held an election and submitted the results to the Union by the 31st of May at the latest. This year's committee are responsible for organising and running fair elections for next year's committee. Nobody standing as a candidate should be directly involved in the organisation of the election.

If for any reason you feel unable to organise an election for your society and would like us to help, get in touch with the Societies Team by emailing us on

Once you have held an election, you will need to let us know about your new committee so we can contact them to arrange training and to book a Freshers Fair stall.

If you fail to register a committee for the new year we might not be able to allocate you a stall at Freshers Fair.

The full Society Elections Guidelines can be found here.

How to hold an election

When you run an election, we ask that you observe some basic principles.

  1. Have a clear way for people to nominate themselves for positions. Every member of your society must be able to stand for any of the positions.
  2. Every member of your society must be able to vote.
  3. Only candidates who will be current student in the next academic year can stand for election
  4. You must elect a president and a vice-president, in addition to any extra positions.
  5. Your election results must be transparent, and they should preferably counted using one of the methods highlighted in our  How we can help section.

The Union reserves the right to disaffiliate any society who we believe has failed to follow these basic democratic procedures.

How we can help

The Societies Team can do loads of different things to help you to run your elections. We can:

  1. Create a google form for candidates  to nominate themselves for positions 
  2. Use our online platform to host an election and limit it to your membership
  3. Set up a google form to collect your members’ votes
  4. Lend you physical ballot boxes for voting at a time and place communicated to your membership.
  5. Help you to set up a facebook poll to allow people to vote through your page or grop.

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