Society Finances


Every society must keep their finances with the Student Union



How to get money for your society?

  • Membership fees
  • Trips or events
  • Sponsorships or donations


Online payments

  • We can set up online membership and ticket selling from your SU society page and the money will go straight into your union account.  

Putting money into your account

  • If you have cash and you would like to put it into your account please come to the Students Union reception and they will be able to help or call someone from the societies team to assist you.
  • If you would like to make a bank transfer please send us an email to and we will give you your society code and our bank account details.


Spending money


* You can only reclaim money you have spent yourself if the purchase was approved via a budget form. No budget form = no reclaim*


1. Complete the budget form


For every expenditure that you would like to make you need to complete this budget form and send it to at least 2 week before your event.


Download budget form here


Things to remember:

  • You will need to provide invoices/ receipts for those things that have VAT. If it does not have VAT you leave the box in the VAT column blank.
  • Our societies meetings are on Mondays and Thursdays which are the days in which we will process your forms.


2. Submit grant request

The Union has a sum of money to support societies and your activities. We can’t afford to pay everything you do, but we can often help. You should submit your grant request together with your budget form in the link that is highlighted in blue in the form. Each grant application will be individually considered however, we will normally award no more than 50% of the total cost of the budget. Please complete the form with the link below  after you have submitted your budget form and you will receive an answer within a week.


Some examples of grant applications include:

  • Purchasing equipment for the society
  • Subsidising travel costs
  • Subsidising entry fees
  • Printing posters and other promotional activities
  • Supplement food costs for an event or trip
  • Subsidising t-shirts or hoodies for committee members
  • Going to society related conferences





Claim money back

You can claim money back if we have agreed for you to make the purchase in advance and get refunded afterwards once the budget form has been approved. You will need to provide us with an invoice or a receipt from the purchase and complete the claim form, which must be countersigned by the society president or treasurer.


Download claim form from here





You can get sponsorship from an external company but please send us the agreement before you commit to anything. We need to make sure that it is all legal and does not put you in a position that compromises your society.


The sponsorship money should be deposited in your Brookes Union society account so please ask us for the details and your society code in advance.


There are some companies that you are not allowed to get sponsored from:


Raising money for charity


A society cannot use the money in its account to donate to charity because the Student Union is a charity and it is illegal for a charity to raise money for another charity.


However, Brookes Union has a separate Raise and Give (RAG) account that can be used to deposit money that has been fundraised by societies for a specific charity*. The charity should have chosen before the fundraising starts and cannot be changed afterwards.

* On the paying form, mark which society you are from, and which charity you wish the money to be donated to.

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