University room booking

Read the instructions on this page, then click the link at the bottom to go to the University's web page for room bookings


1) Complete the university room booking form 

  • Download the form and complete it in your computer (no need to print it out and scan it)
    • ​Signatures of approval:
      • To sign it you just type your name
      • Organisers contact point within the University: SU
      • You do not need to fill out anything below 'date'



2) Send the form to and CC


You will need approval from the Students' Union in order for the booking to be processed by the room booking department. 

* If you are inviting a guest speaker from outside the university, you must give us two weeks notice of who they are and the topic of their talk or presentation. This is a legal requirement and cannot be waived.


Things to remember... 

  • University policy says that food and drink (especially alcohol) are not allowed in university rooms unless provided by the catering services - In practice you can bring in your own food
  • Please leave the room in the state it was found


Ready? Click here to be taken to the University's room bookings page

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