Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment


This Students' Union Notes:

  • The NUS Hidden Marks report found that 68% of women students had experienced sexual harassment and 14% had experienced serious sexual or physical violence. Many students reported persistent harassment in bars/clubs and reported that this kind of behaviour was seen as normal. This is seen as normal partly due to material that condones rape and sexual harassment and therefore contributes to ‘rape culture’ as defined by the NUS;
  • There is a culture of silence surrounding these issues which helps to normalise sexual violence and harassment;
  • Though victims are most likely to identify as females and perpetrators are most likely to be male, those involved can be of any gender identity;
  • The NUS' defining characteristics of sexual harassment are that 'it is unwanted, persistent and of a sexual nature' including:
    • Unwanted sexual comments/invitations;
    • Groping, pinching or smacking of your body;
    • Having your clothes lifted without agreeing;
    • Someone exposing themselves to you without consent.


This Students' Union believes:

  • All students should be able to enjoy their university life without experiencing sexual harassment;
  • That sexual harassment should not be tolerated by the Students' Union, and those who commit acts of sexual harassment should be stopped and disciplined;
  • Material that condones ‘rape culture’ contributes to the problem of sexual harassment.


This Students' Union resolves:

  • To use the NUS definition of sexual harassment;
  • Not to sell, play, advertise, or endorse any material that condones ‘rape culture’;
  • To personally and collectively believe, support, and fight for justice for survivors of sexual violence;
  • To provide yearly training in first response to sexual violence which is open to all officers and staff of the Students’ Union;
  • To publicly condemn any incidents of sexual harassment and violence at Oxford Brookes which are reported in the media, and to respond by reiterating the Union's support for survivors;
  • To provide mandatory sexual consent workshops for all new students at the beginning of the year;
  • To adopt a zero tolerance policy to sexual harassment and sexual violence in line with NUS guidelines, and to extend this to events endorsed by the Students’ Union;
  • Wherever events endorsed by the Student's Union and its Societies require external security services (such as the annual Ball), the Students’ Union will ensure that all members of security are aware of and willing to carry out the zero tolerance policy to sexual harassment, and will make a formal complaint to the security company if this is not carried out;That all events which require external security and are endorsed by the Students' Union will have at least one member of staff who self-identifies as female and who is trained in first response to sexual violence.

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