Election Winners

Below are the winners of the election. Thank you to all the candidates who took part, and everyone who voted. 

You can find out more about the new officer team by looking at their manifestos.  


Disabled Students' Officer:

Roseanna Feltham - King

View manifesto. 


Environmental Officer:

Oliver Barnes

View manifesto. 

Ethnic Minority Students' Officer:

Christine Diko Blackings

View manifesto. 




International Students' Officer:


Kelvin Lee Zi Heng

View manifesto.



LGBTQ+ Officer:

Andrew Christopher-Mudd

View manifesto. 


Women's Officer:


Rebecca Harrington

View manifesto. 

What does it mean to be a part time officer?

The role is yours to shape in whatever way you think you can make the most impact.


  • To be an active part of the Brookes Union council and represent the views of your student group.
  • To campaign on issues that you think need changing for the benefit of the student group that you represent.
  • To listen, signpost and offer support with the help of the Union for those students in the group that you represent.
  • Create events, projects and other initiatives for the group of students that you represent
  • Create a support network for the students in the group that you represent
  • Develop policy to be presented at the Union council
  • Attend meetings with University authorities where appropriate.


The RAG officer will also be responsible for organising ways of raising funds for the designated charities and of recruiting and leading the RAG student group.


The environmental officer will be responsible for the continuation of the Union’s Green Impact Award and will collaborate closely with the University’s sustainability team.



  • Attend Union council (2-3 times a semester)
  • Report in Union Council at the end of each semester to the Union council on your progress and achievements
  • Attend officers away day



  • Making a difference!
  • Working space in the Union and Union lanyard with access card
  • Opportunity to attend National conferences and training events funded by the Union
  • Great for your CV

Is this for me?

Yes! Any student can nominate themselves for one of these positions. We want Brookes Union to be as representative of the student body as possible, and for that we need you. It doesn't matter whether you love what we do, or whether you think it could be improved, this is your chance to make your mark. As an Officer you will gain invaluable new experiences and skills. 

Being the Vice President provided me with opportunities that I could never have gained in any other graduate level role. 

Tom Smith, Vice-President: Academic Experience (2012-2014)

What next?

Nominate yourself. Find out how here. 


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