How to vote

There will be two ways to vote. Online or in person.

As soon as voting opens, a link will be sent to all students via their University email accounts.

The email will contain a secure link to the voting page of the Brookes Union website. The email will be from ‘Brookes Union,’ and will have ‘Election Link’ in the subject line.

Once you arrive at the voting section of the Brookes Union you won’t need to register or submit more data. (Although we do recommend you sign up to our site, as you’ll then be able to access the full benefits!)

However, if you bypass the registration process it will take you straight to the voting platform.

If you are unsure who to vote for, don't forget to check out the candidates' manifestos.

If you prefer to vote in person there will be voting booths at Headington, Wheatley and Harcourt Hill campuses from Monday till Thursday. There will also be voting booths at Clive Booth Hall and Cheney Student Village in the early evenings. Here are the details of where voting booths will be located, and the times they will be there..

Who can I vote for?

You can vote for each position, and for the delegates to conference.

Before any votes are counted, a check will be made to ensure that each person who voted was eligible to vote and that they only voted once. Should anyone vote more than once, their voting papers will be discounted.

The votes will be counted on Friday 10th March, and the results will be announced the following day at the Union Conference.

Single Transferable Vote:

STV is a voting system that allows you to rank the candidates in order of preference (e.g. Sam Smith - 1, John Doe - 2).

If you only want to vote for one candidate you can do so. You just need to leave the other candidates blank.

You can find more information about STV here:


The activation link may end up in your spam folder. Please check your spam emails if you are having trouble finding the email with the link in it.

If you have any problems accessing the voting platform, please contact



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